THE BEST GERMANY EVER! Meanwhile quite normal – mass brawl on the open street!

What a shit hole. If I were a German there I would develop serious mental conditions trying to fit in to that society. VAST majority of GERMAN men are cowards. There are very few Germans in the truth movement. This is not fully explainable by the strict ban on freedom of speech in Germany: There is something about most modern Germans that is fundamentally mentally ill in some ways. Part of this is caused by the life long intergenerational anti-German and Anti-White propaganda there and indoctrination from kindergarten to adult. Yes a lot of Germans know there is a problem, but they ultimately turn a blind eye from learned helplessness and they ultimately keep their coward mouths shut. All these shit skins do not belong in white lands and should be immediately transported back to their region of origin. And anyone who tries to stop repatriation of shitskins to shit lands is a traitor!

THE BEST GERMANY EVER! Meanwhile quite normal – mass brawl on the open street!

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