Enigma’s Cold War Server

E For Edgelord, S For Sycophant H For Hacker

I never liked this guy.

A Wannabe Anonymous V For Vendetta?

Well the war is over and I won. Scharfi and her co-conspirator Krupinski are proven lying deceptive gay ops narcissists and psychopaths. And now I look back and note the particular individuals who were quick to denounce me. Enigma must get special mention here.

Enigma showed poor judgement in siding with the baddies against me, and all this when his server had never even been involved.

So this ass kisser suck up clown “Enigma” showed up on the scene around a year and a half ago. I noted he was a sycophant, that is an ass kisser. Enigma went around the il2 forum trying to catch the attention of and talk to the executive producer and the developers. I do not like these ass kisser personalities. They tend to tell you what they think you want to hear. They try to jump the que, to ‘fast track’ an ascension of a social hierarchy ladder.


“behaving or done in an obsequious way in order to gain advantage.”

Enigma appeared in the superchat of my livestream and tried sucking up to me. Even at that early time, I had concluded he was a sycophant and I was not pleased.

I noted Enigma had a Youtube channel, a twitter, was interviewing the exec producer and devs of IL2 and generally hustling for some elevated position in the ‘community’.

Note I could have done these kind of power seeking moves but never did out of respect, even though il2 exec producer publically subscribed to my YT channel for a few years.

There was this great DCS server I used to fly on called Cold War 1953-1991 Server and it was popular and had a good plane set. I was flying the Sabre on there and shot down a Mig 19 it was Enigma, he claimed his missiles wernt mapped. This was a popular server. Enigma who lacks creativity, copied the server and stole its players.

Next thing I know Enigma has his own server – an exact copy of the Cold War server, same planes and all, but he’s put his name on the title. The bastard copied the Cold War Server!!!

E For Edge Lord

Enigma heavily promoted his server and so all the players went there and in due course the original cold war server disappeared. What happened? Did they just give up because enigma impersonated them and stole their players? Looks like it from where Im standing.

Fast forward to the great Scharfi War of 2022, and Enigma jumps on the hate on Froggy band wagon and bans me from his new DCS server, id only flown on it 3 times!

I had previously been banned off two servers for swearing at two psychopaths on those servers, who had offended me with their immoral activities. I believe Enigma looked up to these two gobblins, in his sycophantic manner, and no doubt wanted to impress them by attacking myself and to also make himself look somehow equivilent in community standing to the people who run the long established servers.

Enigma claimed I am a ‘Incel and schizzo’ This cunt really needs to be banned himself along with those two psychos he sucks up to.

What a fat hypocrite: Calls me an incel but looks to me like Enigma is yet to marry or produce even a single child himself! That is a hypocrite right there AND a SODOMITE too,

Enigma is an edge lord who named themself after anonymous – the V for Vendetta Qtard tier bulshit, his logo looks the same as that and enigma means mystery …..ie anonymous. Has anonymous ever done ANYTHING to improve the World? So Enigma arrives recently, sycophant sucks up to people in power and authority, steals the DCS Cold War Server AND puts his name on it, has an edge lord name and logo and didnt hesitate to attack me at the nod and wink of the cool kids, those same cool kids who are now proven liars and narcissists. This idiot Eric Cartmanesque ‘Enigma’ harbours lying psychopaths on ‘his’ stolen Cold War server quite happily after banning me from ‘his’ server, no doubt at their request.

Beware anyone that puts their name on something that is seen by many, they often are shonky in some way. “Enigma’s (plagiarised) Cold War Server.”

And one who would attack me, while siding with shifty narcissists shows their values and attitude. Look at the state of the World today: Its in increasing chaos and failure thanks to sycophantic cunts like Enigma, who sneak their way in, kiss asses and suck up and worship power at expense of truth and what is right. Trust me no society can stand without truth.

Oh and one last thing. Would you trust a status hungry social climber who models their public image persona on V for Vendetta and ‘Anonymous’ – A group of mysterious COMPUTER HACKERS? Enigma server probably has the ability to screen shot your pc desk top. Ideal gig for a hacker actually. And about those two narcissists, it turns out I was in the right all along. And about that first Cold War server: it should come back, it was the ORIGINAL and the best.

Enigma’s Cold War Server

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