UK Street Shitter Political Demoralisation

i want to say its upsetting news that britain now has street shitters installed in several political power top leadership positions. Apparently Scotland’s 5 million strong population is 94% white! (Is this actually true???) I am pleasantly surprised and I think id like to go there. Yet now Scotland’s First Minister (Prime Minister) is now a shit skin street shitter. No one wanted this outcome, no one voted for it, the evil system imposed this on the Scottish people.

Also the European Union is a Soviet Communist entity designed to facilitate the Kalergy plan of white destruction and genocide in all European nations. The EU must be dissolved. The idea of a central authority that on the one hand lets greeks and italians go live in Sweden and Norway and muddy up the gene pool there, and on the other hand coordinates the Kalergi nigger invasion of all nations, and EU parliament members openly snort cocaine drugs in the very parliament house: shows just how evil and anti white the EU is.

UK Street Shitter Political Demoralisation

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