The deviates are special

Knowledge is good, but corruption of the high IQ individuals with high salaries and a pat on the head from the NWO negates all the knowledge.

By reading the stars you could navigate

protect europe nations from subversion, corruption and invasion and white genocide, especially protect the northern nations.

true evil

When I was addicted to coffee

The sheer amount of lies that smart high IQ people turn a blind eye to yeilds results such as this. High IQ folds in the face of corruption. Its good but its not our way out of this mess. Better we worship truth than IQ. ironically society is engineered to corrupt those most likely to see the truth.

European Union needs to be dissolved and borders of nations respected.

The engineered society knows the inherently masochistic nature of females and coerces them to hate their own men and boys.

For every race mixing there is a white who has no one.

The age of consent has risen steadily with the abolition of marriage. Surely in reality the age of consent is and should be the age of marriage.

And men cannot see what is on the tip of their nose.

All the creativity of the Worls stems from white women’s wombs and white men’s minds and hands.


That is a FABULOUS schwimmen pool

I am blerg where are you? I will eat you when I catch you! (Why this happen? Because childhood trauma?)

A book illustration from the 1600’s

Smart people, high IQ people of European nations: Why do you accept such absurd corruption in your countries? Are you hypocrites and cowards?

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