Fedor von Bock

“All along, I demanded of Army High Command the authority to strike down the enemy when he was wobbling. We could have finished the enemy last summer. We could have destroyed him completely. Last August, the road to Moscow was open; we could have entered the Bolshevik capital in triumph and in summery weather. The high military leadership of the Fatherland made a terrible mistake when it forced my army group to adopt a position of defense last August. Now all of us are paying for that mistake.”

Did Hitler sabotage his Generals?

Looks like according to Von Bock they halted the Blitzkrieg when they should and could have continued. Since halt is the anathema to blitzkrieg and since the whole idea was to do a blitzkrieg, then why did Hitler halt Bock in August? Poor judgement, bad luck or fuckkery?

Fedor von Bock

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