The Vaxxed Up Human Race In 2023

Actually the former Human Race, since once you go vaxxed you have a DNA alteration making you the property of the patent holder. Lots of disease-ridden ‘hooking-up’ (sodomy), no babies made, no families formed, so much cancer everywhere, so much unnatural heart failures (myocarditis), so much head in the sand (Denial) so much foolishness, so much shunning of good advice, promiscuity, short term reckless mindsets, its Rockeffeler funded mouse utopia experiment, but now it humans, now its you vaxxy, youre the clown, soon youll have a brain scanner earpiece and no private thought, soon youll be stuck in a ’15 minute city’ you race mixers you psychopaths you haters of the good the true and the beautiful, you sheep heading to the abattoir, you conformists to group think, you cowards, you arrogant pigs, you stinky fake blonde women you fiendish mentally stunted pseudo chads, you mask-wearing holier than thou boomers, christians and youths of gen xyz, you mixed up gender non specific troons, you trust the science retards, you left wing extremists, you apathetic voters, you lying politicians, you evil central bankers, you secret society edge lords, you riders of the Titanic: I told you so, I told you so, I told you so, you refused to understand truth you preferred lies, but what nation can survive on lies? And worst of all your extreme negligence harms ME.

And spare a thought for me. Your extreme negligence destroys my life, I live here too, I had to put up with your mask nazi bullshit I had to put up with your shitty attitudes to those who do not mask, PCR test and do not vax. I have to deal with the consequences of your actions. Now there are millions less potential wives out there since theyre all vaxxed thanks to you and your going with the flow, your following orders, your herd mentality, I was restricted from travelling thanks to your adherence to a FAKE virus pandemic. Not a one of you vaxxies spoke out against this injustice this CRIME committed against me and any other unvaxxed normal human beings who just wanted to travel, but couldnt because fucktards like you insisted that the sky was falling in and the ‘deadly coronuvirus TM’ was “Very real”. Thanks for delaying my life plans for 3 fucking years you useless cunts.

The Vaxxed Up Human Race In 2023

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