Amazing Polly on Q

Is this an old vid? Q’s bulshit but this is a impassioned good speech by Polly.

Ok this is that video (below) Polly was reacting to. It is extreme gay shit. Full on edge lord gay shit. I get what Polly is saying, its good to have hope that all wrongs can be put right that we can fight back and win, that actually everything is gonna be okay, I dig that sentiment too. But yeh Q is Project Trust basically, and with a whole bunch of ‘anonymous’ tier edge lord gay ass faggot ass clowns jumped on the Q bandwagon to boot. If Hitler came back , the first thing he’d do is put Qtard edgelords into concentration camps where they can be retarded to their hearts content without harming society. The voice of the narrator is so gay. He also assumes that good people are not racist, just the whole thing is fucked from start to finish, low IQ, low morality, low everything, fuck these gay as clown retarded Q faggots.

Q – The Plan To Save The World (Full)

Amazing Polly on Q

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