The Truth about Hitler’s So-called “Military Blunders”

Its originating on a spiritual level a script is written that entices white men to kill each other en masse, following their respective Pied Piper to their repeated dooms, Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, the similarities are shockingly obvious as though written by an author with a definite concept they wished to realise.

White men kill each other throughout modern history for no discernible benefit; while today the borders are being invaded by shitskins and not a one man will defend his nation from the dark hordes and no leader steps forth. Spiritual mind control afflicts white men to their detriment and to their destruction. Youll fight each other; but not the mud invader. How curious.

Hit Ler, Sta Lin, two foes same name style, both dictators, Hitler not a German, Stalin not a Russian. How curious. (Also these patterns fit the Napoleon model, invading Russia, dumping his troops to freeze their nuts off in the snow winter and Napoleon dictator of France: NOT A FRENCHMAN (A Corsican Freemason), (Stalin a Georgian Freemason). Their seems to be some compelling karmic need the Devil’s script writers have to make the Pied Piper not a son of the respective fooled nations. Think about it. Stalin not a Russian, Hitler not a German, Napoleon not a Frenchman. Think about it.

Look at the failure of the Germans to change up their radio secret communication lorenz and enigma systems. Every single supply ship to North Africa was sunk by the Allies, Russians kept massively ambushing werhmacht on the Eastern front, Hitler and crew never went “Maybe they’re reading our radio messages?” Just look at Kursk Worlds biggest tank battle, Stalin knew the precise day, time and place of the intended German attack months in advance and built up massive anti tank trenches and obstacles in that prokhorovka region and this wrecked all the German tigers panthers and exotic Porsche elefants and caught them in devastating artillery ambush. To be so incompetent in secret radio comms, to be so uninterested in the possible link between regular defeats on all fronts and possible broken radio coded messages, seems really weird, dont you think? Like the Allies pattern of behavior SHOWED the Germans that their private thoughts were known to the Allies. Yet the Germans did VERY LITTLE to research this problem. Very very very fishy.

I must add: The Napoleon Stalin Hitler script has had an affect on the psychology of white men, so that now they will not follow any charismatic leader, for fear of a repeat of these destructive outcomes and or because they have come to believe charismatic leaders are evil. Thus white man is rendered leaderless and rudderless, directionless, in these times which require leaders and followers who believe and have faith. But the white men of today believe in nothing and will not follow any leader and from their ranks no leaders step forth. The white man of today is a chicken with its head cut off, running swiftly towards the jaws of a waiting wolf, thanks to the Pied Piper experiences of the last 200 years, which had a powerful negative magic effect on the white man’s psyche.

The Truth about Hitler’s So-called “Military Blunders”

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