Lmaoooo omg I had never seen this, this is hilarious.

When I was a kid I watched these two on the television and thought wow they are such great people; turns out Hillary is a actual blood drinking church of satan witch and Bill is a drug runner in arkansas, his own brother extensively in trouble for cocaine related things for example. And then theres the fact that anyone connected with them keeps dying in plane crashes and suicides by gun shot to the back of the head. They are PURE SCUM psychopaths and just you let that be a lesson to you that what presents as perfect and respectable in public, could be psychopathic EVIL masking as good folk. So, If I tell you that someone is evil, yet they look perfect in public to you, keep in mind what I just said.

Evil: It acts normal and hides behind a well polished mask.

Lmaoooo omg I had never seen this, this is hilarious.

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