Why Multiculturalism is bad

To do with birth right and to do with inheritance. My nation is my birthright. My fathers house is my inheritance. To carry on my family line is my birth right. That my descendants have full enjoyment of my house is their inheritance, that my descendants have full enjoyment of my nation is their birth right.

My father’s home is my home, my ancestors nation is my nation.

One of the main reasons why this is so, is because the territory constituting my nation was built and improved by my ancestors. All the heavy dangerous hard work was done by family in the past. It is morally ethically wrong to then hand the reality of my forefathers hard work manifested, over to an invasion force of third world orcs. Nations and homes are property of those who built them and worked to possess them. Also the women and children of a nation are the possessions of the men of the nation. It is morally and ethically wrong for outsiders to have access to the women and children of the nation, and it is also wrong for the government of the nation to usurp authority over the family from the man.

A nation is built on territory which contains farm land. The farm land produces food. The people in the nation eat the food and survive. The notion of a defense force relates to old farm territory and harvest protection from neighboring hostile tribes and marauding brigands. The farmers send their sons to fight intruders, to protect the life giving farm land. To the extent that a tribe can hold the land it eats from, the same extent the tribe has national territory and boundaries.

Governments of today treasonously neglect their responsibility to protect the national land from foreign invasion, and actually actively promote the invasion.

So what was created for us by our ancestors is by our governments given to invading third World hordes. They mean to replace us suppress our births and genocide us by also violent and terroristic means. The governments primary function is protection of the property and possessions of the nation within the national boundaries, and today every Western government is in violation of their own responsibilities.

Multiculturalism is wrong because it is the stealing and the giving away of the life support mechanism that allows us to carry on into the future our family line and to sustain our families in the present. Once the life support infrastructure and possessions are in other’s hands, we will perish. Thats why its wrong, and you know it.

Why Multiculturalism is bad

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