Talking With A German Nationalist

a lot of mind-fucked cowards in Germany.

Germans must learn to speak the truth. Those that ostracise truth tellers should themselves be called out for their treason. Truth tellers who get persecuted and or harmed by the state and the community should be acknowledged and their sacrifice widely publicised on social media and the internet. In this way when an individual gets attacked for speaking the truth, they become well known and their situation gets propagated. State and community persecution of truth tellers, is best combated by demonstrating the victim status of the persecuted individual. In this way the more the persecution happens, the louder the voices of the victims gets until at some point it shakes the bloody World and a complete flip in German values occurs. That is to say: Current German values are cowardice and conformity to lies. A righting of this inverted values brings truth the the highest ideal and conformity to lies as the worst of evil, which it actually is.

Statues of persecuted truth tellers should be considered for erecting firstly on private property, then in town squares. Ursula Haverback comes to mind. Gemar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel especially. And many others. But also contemporary truth tellers; people this very year being attacked for saying the wrong word or thinking the wrong thing need your support and boosting. The goal of anyone persecuted by state of community for truth telling should be to make sure that every one of the 80 million Germans hears what the state or community has done to you as reprisal for your telling the truth. I speak the truth, you attack me, I propagate news of your attack for the rest of time and make sure that your persecutory moves are seen by the entire whole World. In this way dear liars, I fuck your shit right up. Lies and liars cannot stand in the face of truth, all lies will crumble, the truth will shine forth, evil flees from the light!

But Frog, If I step out of line it means my destruction! I cannot possibly survive as a truth teller. It would mean being disowned by my parents, disinherited of their support and wealth. Shunned by friends and all society. Unable to find any employment. Censored on social media, kicked out of academia, unable to attract a wife, unable to even put food on the table and a roof overhead. And with THIS society I DONT want to be poor and in proximity to the invasion hordes.

Yes dear coward all that is true enough yet if you stay silent your inheritance and birth right will surely be stolen taken and given to the invasion hordes. Dont comply lose, comply lose. Catch 22, double bind.

Germans, people known for brilliant ideas, rendered incapable of expressing them for real fear of destruction at the hands of the state and community. I say community because its obvious that the war-guilt German community is incapable of reason and is in a permanently hysterical state of mind, ready to denounce to authority any individual who speaks the truth. The truth is forbidden and your own grand parents would call the polizei on you if you spoke wrong. Such community social conditions must be thoroughly and permanently smashed and freedom of mind and thought must return to Germany.

The presence of Allied military bases in Germany is a big problem and all these bases must go! No proper nation tolerates foreign military permanently residing within its national borders.

The age we are stuck in is a hellish one, a bronze or more likely iron age, where the current and flow of fate is negative dark depressive heavy dense evil stultified unjust horrific. Yet despite this, one must struggle up stream anyway. The prevailing conditions are evil, but one should swim all the harder against this current.

And because all problems stem from money, Germans should make a priority to adjust their current private Rothschild central bank to be instead a national central bank. This goes also for every nation of Earth. Private banks have no place issuing the credit of nations. Credit issuance is the rightful domain of national central banks, answerable to government.

I have never liked Keith ‘keef’ Woods, because he comes across as a commie who is also overly keen on university lingo and academic speak, of a marxist kind. But credit where credit is due this here interview below is good and revealing on the psyche of the German people today.

In business especially today, one cannot utter a word of truth and this also must change. The persecutory bent that punishes – nay destroys businesses who speak truth must be reversed. It is a conflict and so far only one side, the evil side is fighting.

I would like to see very public vocal visible well displayed shunning of business that persecutes truth tellers and by the same token truthful businesses must be prioritised in every possible way.

When a business ghosts a truth teller it is important that that truth teller publicise the name of the business and describe the anti social activities of the business. You pressure me in favour of evil: I expose youre ways to the public. Lets see you do it again!

There is a sadistic/masochistic character in this herd of German sheep, bonded to lies by war guilt. Your own kind will take sadistic pleasure in threatening you with denunciation to authority if you call them out on their adherence to lies. The highly effective counter strategy is to show the World who threatens you and how. In this way the covert predator becomes the prey: you have metaphorically grabbed them by the neck and dragged them into the spotlight of truth. No goblin can withstand the light of truth. You hold them there and watch them panic and squirm! The predator in the blink of an eye becomes the prey.

Suppose I work for a company and one day I get fired for xyz to do with being white or telling the truth or saying the wrong words etc etc etc. For the next 12 years I should highly publicise this event in full detail, in particular the name/s of the decision makers who fired me and the company name and store location. You fire me for thinking wrong, I make you quite famous for the next decade. Fair exchange? Supposing they try to sue to shut you up? Well it is not a crime to describe corporate behavior. Plus then the court records all names and published them and the transcript of procedings and the verdict to the internet for the World to see. The power of the individual naming and shaming evil corporate behaviour is immense. When this modo operandi becomes popular then evil will struggle to be viable in the community.

This method of fighting is called telling the truth. One simply tells the truth.

Corporate decision makers also always follow the path of least trouble. They will not join you in making a moral stand, because that is risky to their mortgage paying ability. They rather punish you, or ignore silence and censor you instead. This is how so many victims get punished. BUT corporate decision makers WILL think twice about acquiecing to evil persecution of you, IF they get a sense that their decision making process may be exposed to the harsh burning spotlight of truth and in public view.

In a way the question is: How to un-demoralise German culture? Answer: Just tell the bloody truth. It is actually that simple and that actually is the answer. And thats a fact.

Talking With A German Nationalist

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