April 19th 2023

A Mysterious 2nd Strike On My Youtube Channel

So today I found a strike has been put on my channel, someone has complained about one of my videos and youtube has removed the video for “hate speech”. The video is a DCS multiplayer flight where I discuss the psyche of modern Germans and does not relate to these two psychopathic individuals. They have trawled through my 3000+ videos on Youtube and found one to put forth for complaint, hoping to destroy my channel in reprisal attack on me, quite possibly for the text I wrote above of two days earlier. Psychopathic Youtuber and pro homosexual and race mixing campaigner Krupinski had threatened to end my Youtube channel, when I discovered he is a psychopath, and he is a gay ops specialist, his primary method of attack being complaint to authority, and quite often false complaint as has been demonstrated in this page (See: “Krupnski The Psychopath Strikes Again” above) So I have made my YT videos private for a month to protect them from further denunciation attack. By the way, the video did not contain any “hate speech”, also hate speech is speech that psychopaths hate! and thats a fact. more

April 17th 2023

How To Win Friends & Influence People

Follow up: These evil goblins suffered signifigant fall from grace. In the aftermath of their defeat and reduction in social status from exalted cool kids to fiendish and cowardly pathological liars: they are on a prolonged charm offensive in the community. They have largely dissapeared from the il-2 forum, now making posts once every month or so and the posts have a peculiar characteristic to them: They are all directed at the devs.

This charm offensive is a text book lesson in how to win friends and influence people. Turns out no body knows superficial charm quite like the psychopath. They know EXACTLY what to say and when to say it.

In this flight sim World, the highest status people, with the most power, are the video game developers themselves, the software engineers, “The Devs” as theyre known. Scharfi and Krupinski are seen to time their forum posts (on the Il-2 Sturmovik internet forum) to match the time the developers are there making posts.

They will direct the subject matter of their posts at the developers. Krupinski offering suggestions that were they implemented would benefit the entire community, or offering helpful advice to individuals. Scharfi asking the developers questions and in a subtext offering them her friendship, her posts might as well address the developers thus: “Ill be your best friend :)” complete with a smiley, multiple love hearts emoji. Krupinski shows again appearing as the perfect person, so nice, so helpful, so friendly. A convincing mask is all it is. In truth as ive outlined previously, Krupinski will sabotage behind the scenes with tricks including denunciation to authority and i suspect false advice as sabotage, and as things implode, sit back and with dupers delight, secretly laugh at the victims.

hey ill be your best friend

The reason they went to ground, dissapeared from the forum, is because they didnt want people asking them questions that could make them look bad (its ALL about public image). Since things have died down, now they skulk back into the forum. This Il-2 forum has 324,000 members, that they could talk to, yet scharfi and Krupinski aim their posts at perhaps 3-6 people (the devs) This is an obvious ass kissing, sycofantic strategy. This is the rules of power in action as demonstrated by an actual narcissist and an actual psychopath.

The devs seem to have tangentially addressed them in a dev diary update where the new executive producer in passing mentioned “Fair Play”, (Which is a section of the website refering to underhanded behaviour)

Conclusion: After their loss against me (their intended victim), and subsequent drop in social status, these two blood suckers are in a sustained charm offensive in the flight sim community, they now rarely post, but when they do its exclusively directed at schmoozing the organisational power holders.

If you want a comparison to a known scenario, consider in the 1990s Bill and Hillary Clinton seemed like perfect people, truth is they were running cocaine through arkansas and having all their associates systematically rubbed out (and MUCH more besides). The mask of wholesome perfection hid their psychopathy well and so it took a long time before average people caught on.

Evil people often appear *perfect* but wear a mask of perfection which conceals the real intent

bill and hillary clinton “suicided” and plane crashed all their friends and associates

A Mysterious 2nd Strike On My Youtube Channel April 19th 2023

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