Australian Government Killing All The Bees!

Bee Genocide Is Human Genocide.

Guys, this is a serious situation, train derailments, bee killing cattle killing chicken killing, now MRNA Vaccine in meat very very soon if not already! Very serious situation. I see this all as a concerted coordinated program to destroy human beings enmass. Soon one will need to either move to third world, or source all food from non-supermarket sources. Think of all the millions of Australians, already jabbed, who will soon be eating MRNA meat and then also MRNA vegetables, designed to re-code your genes and dna, to alter your physical and mental self on a grand scale! IIts a disaster. I may be able to macguyver it out myself, but what good is that if every potential wife is vaxxed and eating MRNA food. This is a very rapidly deteriorating situation!

Australian Government Killing All The Bees!

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