WW2: The Strategic Bombing Of Germany B17, B24 & Lancaster

This was a mission to destroy German human beings. And it was successful. Much of the civillian death in WW2 was from German cities being carpet bombed from the air by British and United States heavy bombers.

The British bombed by night, then the Americans bombed by day. Around the clock for years the Allied heavy bombers bombed Germany with high explosive, incendiary and other bombs. The huge armadas of bombers, often numbered in the hundreds, for example 400 escort fighters and 500 heavy bombers. We are talking 1000 plane raids on cities. Each heavy bomber carried 5000kg or more of bombs.

Of particular note are the bombing of Hamburg and the bombing of Dresden. I cant remember the death toll of Hamburg but we are talking tens of thousands of people, something like 30000 to 70000 people. Dresden – Wikipedia will tell you was 20 or 30 thousand, but it was 600,000. It was an incendiary fire bombing of a wooden city. There was fire storms and fire whirlwinds sucking up oxygen and suffocating people in basement shelters. The heat from the fire storm melted many people and cooked many, without burning them. There were air raid shelters with knee deep human fat pooled on the floor from these ovens. Human fat flowing in street gutters. This was a genocide following the mantra: “Germany Must Die!”

The Giant Short Stirling Bomber: 8 tons of bombs each, 800 bombers dropping on a German city in 1 night, repeated for years.

Hellstorm Dresden 45

Rhine Meadows Death Camp

WW2: The Strategic Bombing Of Germany B17, B24 & Lancaster

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