You Are What You Eat – MRNA DNA Modifying Mark Of The beast FOOD

This is the Mark Of The Beast – It is microchips inside of and genetic modification of human beings and animals and plants. For us to survive this intact and unmodified and un-chipped, we are going to need access all the time: to clean food. To know your food is safe is the highest priority with what you eat. Best way to ensure safe food is to know safe farmers, or better yet: Grow your own food.

It is truly time to start producing our own food from gardens and animals. In a matter of months from now MRNA food will be in supermarkets.

Make no mistake about it, the big WAR is the power structure trying to modify your DNA and microchip you, Versus you your family and your community trying to not be chipped and vaxxed.

As per the bible, VAST amounts of people – MOST people will be defeated in this war. Rich and poor will fall to this enemy. Only the special people will make it. Have you got what it takes?

Well for a starters, get yourself a garden full of seeds and plants and food. Trees with fruit and nuts, grains like wheat, chickens, eggs, sheep, cows, goats. Plant as much as you can. Even the lettuce will be vaccinating to it’s consumer. So why not grow your own and not get lettuce-vaxxed.

The goal is to keep the human race going. Particularly the Aryan peoples. This means you survive and you get a spouse asap who also is untainted. You had better hurry! You and your spouse need to produce children. And you need to keep them safe away from the evil clutches of the power structure. These kids must grow up safe and themselves become parents of pure humans. This is what you must do. And this is how we win.

We are now at the very START of a new age. It is the Aquarian age. The EVIL wants all human race dead and or modified and controlled going into this new era.

I dont know for sure, but I feel there will be some amazing and good surprises just around the corner, for those of us who manage to stay human in this new age. For example, have you noticed all the synchronicities? Something is happening. But I feel that the vaxxed will largely be deprived of these special new things. What special new things? Well like gifts of the new era you might say.

We are in the Iron Age too. And it is a dark evil time, where the currant and flow of life and of this time tends towards doom and failure. Still, we can fight it and resist. And following the Iron Age is the Golden Age. Our children should survive to see the Golden Age – IF we act now to preserve our essence with clean food and strong true community links and networks and culture.

Theres a way. Even if you live in an apartment you can grow some food on the balcony, and you can go into the forest/desert, etc and grow food there. You can find ways to survive and STAY HUMAN. But even if youre jabbed, you can still fight to stay human, you can grow your own food, and have sovereignty over your food supply and what goes into your body hence forth.

i like this kind of thing

You Are What You Eat – MRNA DNA Modifying Mark Of The beast FOOD

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