Weapons Of War – Not What You Thought

Today’s weapons of war are a completely new type, not recognisable as any incremental development of war weapons known hitherto.

All the previous weapons of war remain – from the Claymore broad sword to the Spitfire fighter plane, to the weapons of mass destruction such as the alleged atom bomb…

The new weapons are all the more powerful, because they are hidden in plain sight: To the vast majority of people they are not recognisable as weapons.

This is partly because most people would be incredulous were they to hear of the goals of those who wield the weapons. Did you ever think of fast food giant McDonalds as a weapon? Or the Medical System?

New weapons are the very society you live in. The goal is two fold, genocide enmass and also the destruction of sex: Men and women replaced by sexless “New Man” creatures – purpose built slave race.

We know vaccines are a weapon. But also: So is food. The food is being changed such as genetic modification. You are what you eat.

Weapon – Also: Note the Apple logo is a fertility occult symbol – a vagina

Food and vaxxes can potentially cause sterility in the consumer but also in the offspring generation of the consumer.


Already many people have suffered terrible vaccine injury, or outright death. But these numbers as a percentage of the population are small enough that normies dont notice – 1 in 1500 or so dies from the vax. But that was the “collateral damage” for hooking the entire World’s population up to the electronic internet of bodies hive mind (except for me)

Passionate Italian Doctor: “You’ll Find out in 18 Months When People Will Die Like Flies” (2021)

Weapons Of War – Not What You Thought

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