The Bubonic Black Plague

The Bubonic Black Plague

I smell a rat. History is a big lie. So whats true? Well they say the plague spanned many decades – wasnt it on and off over a hundred years?

But 1345 is a key plague date, perhaps the start.

And the plague being a well poisoning event theory deserves investigation.

But so far no one on Earth has come up with any truth on this. The substance alleged to have been used would need to match the historically recorded symptoms.

They say the royalty of all Europe did not die except one individual.

Were actual rat-born diseases to blame?

Was it a corona scamdemic?

Are there depopulation by elites on masses parallels between then and now?

Why did the plague doctors wear those horror bird beak masks? WTF what the actual FU*K

Silly question: Were vaccines involved in the years leading up to the plague?

Do you know according to Judy Mikovits, pre-censorship Webster’s Dictionary had definition of vaccine as “vermin extermination”.

Doctors of the time (year 1345) said the 3 planets of Acquarias were in alignment and that that caused it.

Could there have been genetic immunity to some but not most? And was it racial?

Was there a vaccine one could take to not get the plague death?

Who benefited from the plague? Was it a man-made thing?

So I hear so much property was without it’s owner after the mass deaths that many next of kin or local survivors inherited BIG in a macabre lottery win of sorts.

Have you written your will today? Have you asked loved ones to include you in theirs? Be prepared if this corona scamdemic does turn into another bubonic plague black death.

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FW190A-8 Jabo Zero Deaths

FW190A-8 Jabo Zero Deaths

I tried challenge myself to not die. Its a mindset thing. I flew for a long time, many flights, (4 flights before the stream too) and always made it back to base for safe landing. I enjoy this style of sorties and ill probably do this for now on.