Organisational Support For Psychopaths

Needs to be smashed. Name and shame. Those who think they are safe and sound siding with psychopaths let them shake in their boots in the harsh spotlight of public scrutiny.

At this point in history – End times of humans – The power structure in any and every organisation is in lockstep with genocidal agenda.

So its no wonder that psychopaths and narcissists will consistently make their attack on their target by method of appeal to authority to make decisions to harm the interests of the target.

The power structure will always side with psychopaths and narcissists, because their goals are in accord. They are on the same team: Team Evil.

In any community 70% of the masses of people are sheep with blind unwise characteristics. The remaining 30% are capable of seeing the truth.

As a target of psychopaths and narcissists, appeal to the masses of the public is the way to go, with the goal of reaching the truth seers.

So how then to treat the power structure? As much as possible denounce the power structure in public. Do not seek the favor of the power structure, do not try to convince it of its errors, just expose it and expose it hard. Tell the truth about its cowardly power seeking, truth trampling ways. Diminish its standing to its rightful position – In the gutter with the rats and the sewer mud.

For example, the power structure today persecutes those who criticise the blatant pro-homosexual agenda. In the face of this persecution – deplatforming and banning and such: One can speak publicly about this dishonorable conduct of the power structure.

But wouldnt this invite further persecution, this time from a higher level power structure? Maybe, but do your best to speak truth anyway, and make good points.

The World is swamped in evil right now. Speaking truth is like the rays of the sun shining into the whole World, taking away the darkness.

Organisational Support For Psychopaths

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