Combat Box – Amerimut Server Of Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles Series

Hey Mang Honestly, If I want to talk to people called alonzo and rico, ill drive down to home depot and seek some landscaping staff to run the lawn mower, from the selection of stinking beaners in the car park.

Beaners have no place in aviation or video games for that matter.

Viva Lareconquista right? you fiendish foolish clique of incompetent slimy spics.

What a shitty server, it should not receive any money from Great Battles company.

And should be banned permanently.

Combat Box names their new missions “Apollo” – Because the dumb shits believe the lie that ‘we went to the moon’. These idiots are people of the lie, they dont just believe lies they live in lies. They are liars, they prefer lies to truth. Even Stanley Kubrick admitted he filmed the moon landings in Pinewood Studios, yet shit heads like combat box still insist in perpetuating lies. Dont trust Americans, they love lies.
One Combat Box user recently remarked: “My handle is callsign sundown because im black” Combat box is increasingly home to spics, niggers and wiggers. USA is globohomo and is ruining IL-2 Great Battles with its woke homo multiculti agenda. USA located moderators who perma ban users on basis of homophobia – should themselves be permanently banned.
Bruh you gay

USA – Americans get their fast food from beaner mexican drug addicts. All Americans are drug addicts and homosexuals. Only a fool would trust them at this point in World history. America is a cursed nation, Americans are zombies on a sinking ship.

I warn you developers of IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles Series: United States Americans are a very bad influence on your product, Americans are criminals pretending to be gods.

You should withdraw from Americans, because they have become disgusting Freemasonic Non-White Drug Culture-Spreading Homosexual Child Abusers.

Do not let American influence into positions of authority in your company. Do not let Americans be moderators of forums, do not let Americans operate Multiplayer servers – PERMANENTLY BAN THEM from your company structure.

Americans are going down to Hell, I recommend you steer clear of them and their foolish ideologies – They will drag you down to Hell with them!

Combat Box – Amerimut Server Of Il-2 Sturmovik Great Battles Series

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