Christopher John Bjerknes Autistic Meltdown Spergout

Im enjoying Bjerknes’ videos – I just commenced binge watching them, heavy vids but super interesting and like Adam Green I reckon Bjerknes is on the money, BUT he seems to have here and at other times people have mentioned, which I havent seen yet – but look forward to seeing, seems to have sperged out here in an autistic meltdown. I judge Bjerknes to have expert knowledge of Jewish Mysticism history, this is Bjerknes’ special interest. I honestly dont think Bjerknes believes what he ranted about vaccines being a good thing etc, I think this is a phenomenon of the autistic meltdown, where the autist loses control of themself – different but similar to the swearing of a sufferer of tiret’s syndrome.

Christopher John Bjerknes Autistic Meltdown Spergout

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