Walpurgis Night

Bottom line: This is a time of year where the veil lifts somewhat and the material world and the spirit world connect.

I took this moon image tonight with iphone 8 plus a cheap telephoto lens of 30x magnification or something. Its not a bad image of the moon, although I think the camera may have been set to 720p only, when I could have gone 4k.

A few nights ago I was driving home through the dark mountainous country side, thick forests and fast flowing rivers, and I drove past a huge bonfire, piled 8 feet high snd the flame licking two stories into the air, lighting the whole area, the forest trees around, the 5 people watching from their lined up deck chairs, their cars behind them. Biggest bonfire ive ever seen.

I note nasty evil will show up on these days. April 30th, May 1st.

Further more benign spirit world phenomenon happened recently: I experienced a spate of synchronicities in the last 3 weeks. I had no idea why. Now i see its been Walpurgis Night, snd that explains everything.

When I made this video on Msy 4th, I noted a absence of synchronicities from my life for past 5 months and then for seemingly no reason suddenly sychronicities started and all of a new and specific type. At the time I had no idea it was German Halloween.!

Walpurgis Night

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