Race & Gods – A race that ignores its god, dies

i see a law where each race has a god/s and also ancestral knowledge/wisdom related to the god/s, and if the modern people of the race lose their old ancestral knowledge and cant remember who their god/s were then that race will descend a ladder of viability and if it continues that race will descend into chaos nothingness and oblivion, and complete failure to exist.

synchronicity update

none for months and then baam! heaps in 3 weeks and this time all of a new type: i think of a thing and it simultaneously shows on the word im readin or the voice im listening on a video. could this be a feature of aquarian age?

Addressing the youth

i wish i could speak at school assemblies.

How To Decide Which Companies To Buy From

Basically I developed a fool proof formula for selecting consumer products, based on the advertising style the company chooses to use.

How To Deconstruct Feminism

Feminism has no place in white countries, it is a Roman slave control system, but it is today applied to ‘free’ white men of the West.
Feminism must be ended asap.
The way to do it is education on how to thrust organisational decision makers into the spotlight of public view and denounce them for their anti-white man decisions. If many men do this then we win. If you have been suppressed by feminism then this video is applicable to you.

Dakota Fire Pit – Off Grid Know How

A pretty good fire stove system.
Start with small dry kindling and paper or cardboard and dry leaves. then pile on thicker kindling and when you have a bed of coals and some flame, place some logs (like 2 inch diameter logs). great for cooking.

Dutch TV Ads: A Nigger In Every Ad!

Thanks Blackrock

Race & Gods – A race that ignores its god, dies

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