Herbert Smagon Art

Herbert Smagon educator artist tells the truth.

I always saw these paintings around the net for years, but I never knew of who the artist was. Further, Smagon doesnt even have a Wikipedia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If he is still alive he seems to have kept a low profile IRL. Not surprising considering he would have been surrounded by shit head fuck heads in modern day Germany.

If Smagon is still around, I recommend a Go fund me type of thing where people can make this legend rich.

Germany today an unacceptable situation “Modern Family” 1988
The firestorms of Dresden, Hamburg
The jugen Lowen
mob burning German children alive (In Prague, Czech)
USAF planes murder strafed a lot of German civilians
Flak battery 88mm
A German city being fire bombed by Royal Air Force
Dead burnt German babies by the truck load
the dead – a pile of corpses
Post war West and East Germany
The new German flag is a sunset – Germans are expected to fade into blackness.
Political correctness, self hate, guilt complex, maximum demoralisation, slavery, unseeing, unspeaking, cowardice, immoral: the modern German: A true shit head. A head full of shit, and a black heart full of cowardice and lies.

Here is a video that gives some context to each painting. For example, its very interesting to read that in “Die Kinder Von Breslau” The city defended by the kids did not surrender and stayed in German hands until the end of the war.

Herbert Smagon Art

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