An Example Of Feminism Defeated

I recall a news story from a few years back, it was actually mentioned in passing in a long format journalism tv show on ABC Australia – some show like Dateline or 4 Corners.

The situation was: A man in his 50s dying of cancer. His elderly mother passed away herself. He was the only child. Somehow his mother’s entire estate contents was willed to the lady that looked after his mother in a nursing type capacity in her last year. She may have been a non blood relative.

The dying man knocked on her door and when she opened, she shot her dead with a .22 caliber rifle.

A few points: This must have been a narcissistic evil manipulative woman who insinuated herself close proximity to an inpending estate and maneuvered herself into position to grab the estate by trickery. Often the elderly are suffering dementia, but even so, so often those at deaths door get drugged up by their carer, which makes it easy for them to be exploited for a wobbly signature at the last hour.

I dont recall if the man had complained to authority about the misallocation of the will. But I believe he should have challenged the will. I hear 80% of challenges are successful. But probably would not recover much in most instances.

So this dying man with little to lose exacted revenge. The interesting thing is, I was surprised to hear this story, because usually the media does not want you to hear about such stories, because they go off script and represent masculine power bringing order and justice to the World.

As for the woman that stole the man’s inheritance and got shot dead: She was undoubtedly operating on the assumption that the ultra-feminist power structure would shield her from justice.

Thats the thing: This power structure which emasculates men, its a false overlay on socuety and it only stays in place by great corruption and by the placement of wesk men in power positions. And this state of affairs only lasts so long as men tolerate it.

There was also a famous case of a father who went to the family court and stood on the steps out front and poured petrol over himself and burnt himself to death in a protest suicide at the treatment he’d received at the hands of the family court. In facr I believe this scenario has happened several times across the World. Such is the criminality and illegality of this star chamber known deceptively as the “family court”.

In those scenarios the father pushed the force of justice inherent in him on himself rather than those he saw as to blame.

This is increasingly the snapshot of the lives of white men in Western nations.

An Example Of Feminism Defeated

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