The Treason And Cowardice Must Stop!

Im very upset at the state of Western white nations today. The people are rotten by and large. I would say 70% of the people are rotten sheep in a herd of cowards.

The USA Mexican border is apparently and by design “wide open”.

The so called European Union is also “wide open”

This needs to be swiftly reversed.

Theres a correlation with traitors in governmental power and borders being “wide open”

In case you dont know a full fledged Communist revolution is underway, where the rich” that historically get targeted by the communists are now the Whites in white lands. If youre white you are the target for destruction.

Im extremely dissapointed at the citizens of the United States. I see dumb cowards everywhere. USA men tote guns galore, yet this nation is “wide open”. Men of the USA are letting their nation be conquered.

“All the gear and no idea”

Similarly the albeit unarmed Europeans are just as lax and also 70% of European men are shit heads in a herd of cowards who do nothing to safe guard their systems from corruption and evil and do nothing to protect their nations’ borders. Kalergy must be pleased with this bunch of ninies who sit back and let their nations get destroyed by traitors in parliament and nigger hordes in the invasion boats.

It has to be said theres no brave nation left in Europe, it has to be said the Germans are big time cucks now. I cant stand most German men, they tend to make being a petulant niny a religion.

How long can these shit heads stay asleep for? If I were a warlord, firstly I wouldnt attack the invaders, FIRST I would severely punish the cowardice in our own ranks! I believe Augusto Pinochet was using a helicopter for some creative ways to send a message.

The Weimar style degeneracy and culture rot is so entrenched, so insidious and so complete that every aspect of life has been invaded by this gutter trash fake culture. From TV advertisements or ads on the internet that promote niggers and race mixing, to the White House staffed almost 100% with zionist jews, can you see this is a bigger and yes badder 1917 Russian Communist Revolution, but this time across all Western nations? I hope you can see that and I hope you realise the death and destruction that is gearing up in these white home lands. Keep in mind that the first parliament of the Soviet Union circa 1917 was comprised of nearly all jews one or two niggers (yes niggers in Russia) and only few Russians. This is now the case in USA and similar situations from New Zealand to United Kingdom. There will be some serious by the million white goy slaughter, it is practically guaranteed at this point.

You know how they say Stalin killed 66 million and Mao 100 million and al lthis? Yeh well BIGGER NUMBERS are coming to your home nation in the current era, white man. So it would be nice if you would stop being cowards who pretend you dont know whats going on. It would be nice if you would adopt the attitude that a stitch in time saves nine. It would be great if you would stop being cynical morons and actually help to stabilise your nations borders and governments.

I see white men of incompetence everywhere. I see system enforcers everywhere who will sooner persecute me for “homophobia” than defend their nations own border from the shitskin invasion armies. Such cowardice, such missplaced loyalties. Infact they are loyal to who pays them. In this way they are treasonous to the nation.

My harshest scathing remarks are reserved for the men of Western nations, bacause 70% are disgusting peices of shit that need some form of punishment for their cowardice stupidity demoralisation and treasonous conformism to evil.

Like Bill Cooper pointed out in the late 1990s already by then all key power positions in Police hierarchy were occupied by members of a special group – traitors, probably Freemasons or some similar organisation, Fabian Socialists quite possibly, aka the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

So if your a cop even if you consider yourself uncorruptible, keep in mind your bosses higher up are loyal to evil and not your nation and they WILL order you to do things like “hands off” approach to nigger invasion orc horde nation rape pillage and plunder; while persecuting white people for taking their kids out of vaxxed up schools for example.

The Army does absolutely nothing to safeguard the nation from invasion and infact helps the invaders to invade. The army like the cops, is at the higher levels controlled by individuals and groups such as Freemasons, loyal to evil and NOT your nation. Soldiers, you would be better off resigning from the armed forces, because it is an instrument wielded by evil and ant white groups and individuals of consummate corruption at this point.

Medical establishment is completely evil from nurse to neuro-surgeon. I will never go to doctor or dentist ever again because of the trechery of these medical CUNTS. They deserve a visit to the court of law to be tried for treason every one of them.

The vast majority of white British are fucked in the head. Dont get me started on the French, with their equality and their nigger fetishes. Germans are petulent ninnies. And the rest. They all worship money and not race, they all pray to niggers and worship political correctness to the point of absurdity.

White children are being attacked with metal knuckle dusters and more in USA schools. The niggers doing the attacking are always let off with no punishment, when they are actually guilty of attempted murder. And those school teachers and principles who turn a blind eye to this repeated attempted murder of white children, are themselves guilty of treason and deserve to be in a court of law being judged for their love of money over their own race.

The sheep like behaviour of the average white man during the SCAMDEMIC is truly disgraceful.

Now the Ukrain Russia Brothers’ War is enabling USA nigger Spic troops to be stationed in Poland and Estonia and now Finland soon. This niggerizing of Europe is disgusting and neeeds to be reversed. All USA military bases for example should be removed from Germany right now. USA no longer exports white values but putrid stinking niggers and spics in uniform.

Genetically MRNA modified food is on the very near horizon like the beginning waves of a Tsunami lapping at the empty shore. Soon this frankenstein food will be sterilising and destroying everyone in Western lands who eats it. No healthy births can result from this.

The majority of women are fucked in the head Tinder skank whores who chase niggers and chads for a endless lifestyle of endless casual sex (“hooking up”) while ignoring majority of men. Increasingly these high mileage sluts are unattractive to even the men they ignore, creating the “perfect storm” where by no marriage is formed and no babies are born, unless by accident or unless by zealous christian race mixer shit heads who insist on fucking up their family’s linneage with their bullshit retarded white genocide decisions. These race mixers should be infront of a judge explaining their treason to the court.

As a unvaxxed finding a virgin unvaxxed wife is a priority and under the current conditions seems almost impossible. This terrible and unnacceptable situation needs to be reversed asap!

Any way you look at it white people will be gone from the face of the Earth and no trace of us will be left at all – at the rate things are going. This general malaise and demoralisation crisis must be resoundingly reversed now!

Whoever can speak should speak!, Whoever can lead should lead! Those who can help should help and every treasonous coward should be highlighted in full public spotlight.

Christianity is a problem too, it is clearly a middle eastern Abrahamic religion and belongs in the middle east and no where else. Christianity clearly took over Europe by sword and gold coin in hundreds of years of bloody crusades into europe. The Vikings for example resisted Christianity with military force for some 400 years before being finally defeated by Christianity and its armies of soldiers and its treasure chests of bribery.

Today Christianity is a very bad influence on the minds of Europeans across the Western World. Every white man prays to the god of the Jews, when he should be praying to his ancestral gods, The Helenic gods for the Greeks, the Roman gods for the Italians, the Etruscan gods for the Croatians, the Celtic gods, the Germanic and n+Nordic gods respective to their peoples too etc etc etc. If a people stops praying to its ancestral gods; then that people will dies. Remember who you are! Remember who your gods were! Jesus, Jahova, Yeshua, Yahwoie, Yalahshalam etc etc etc will NOT save you.

Freemasonry too is a problem, its obvious that the power structure of governments has for centuries been occupied in the key positions by members of this curious religious club.

And to top it all off inspite of all these terrible emmerging crisis, the average man or woman lives in lala land and by conscious effort has no clue about any of this and carries on like life is normal and so on.

All in all this is a disaster like the World has never seen and even if we can turn it around significantly, it will still be the biggest disaster the World has ever seen.

As per the video below, the white World is starting to break down. Here you see a shitskin filming the situation and a old white woman in a very expensive car. She cant figure out what to do to move the car off the tracks despite a train bearing down on her. The train hits the car. She has some kind of cognitive deficit. I would say this is a vax injury to her brain. Begs the question how can someone so stupid obtain such a expensive luxury car?! This is an example of how things are today, increasingly. People have short memories. Theres always been weird stuff on the net, but go back to 2018 there was nothing like this on the net in terms of quantity, quality and severity. Clearly since the jab was introduced, people have been turning a bit demented, a bit zombie.

The Treason And Cowardice Must Stop!

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