Controlled opposition In Washington DC & Melbourne Australia

So as the US nation somewhat awakens from its perma-slumber, to the spectacle of an invasion force crashing down their Southern border, it is no surprise that the NWO provides a pressure relief valve and energy capture mechanism, in the form of these clowns marching in Washington, who are called Patriot Front. This is a 100% FALSE organisation/movement. Its purpose as I said is to passify the rising sentiments of normies. And look how strange these idiots look, with their inverted flags, their white balaclavas and their riot shields. This is a ‘look’ that was developed in a writers studio, by a Marvel comic book contributing creative director. Thats how it works. The whole thing is a OBVIOUSLY scripted media focused stunt, heavily promoted on the mainstream news media, not unlike Goyim Defence League which caused many anti-white laws to be tabled in Florida.

I would be pleased if there were some real organised civil responses to the communist anti-white revolution that is currently underway in USA, Australia and Europe and elsewhere. There is a war on white men, unfortunately most white men are so dumb they cant figure it out nor do they try to, and the best they can do is draw eroneous conclusions based on what the TV news told them.

You can see the same exact thing is Victoria Australia:

Make no mistake, this is all shill activity and throuroughly treacherous to white people. Again, its used by the NWO as an excuse to advance anti white laws. Its literally problem reaction solution.

And here is yet more footage of this theatrical spectacle:

Essentially a script writer somewhere said: “right I need two groups of whites shouting at each other with as much fake passion as they can generate. Then I need heaps of cops and the venue should be a state Parliament house. Lots of balaclavas in one camp and lots of commie antifa symbology in the other.”

Trust me these things are script-written from the get-go. Theres no truth here, the passion is fake, the participants are either paid agitators or useful idiots. There is an agenda at play. These efforts are designed to achieve excuses to introduce laws that oppress white people. The NWO has been waiting a long time to implement these new shiny anti-white laws. And all they need to make it happen is a bunch of “nazis” doing a song and dance.

So youre asking: “If all these groups are fake, then where is the real group? Where is the real opposition to the NWO?”

Great question. It seems that any real group that forms is either infiltrated and brought down from within, or is leader-assassinated. For example the American Nazi Party in the 1960’s was on track to win the election and so its leader Commander George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated. Also Malcolm X (Leader of the black negro sovereignty group Nation of Islam) was assassinated. Its no coincidence, because: Commander Rockwell and Malcolm X were likely going to form a coalition that would be very strong and would take America back from the NWO.

By comparison what we have here is degenerate theater of multiple shill groups.

So when will the next real power group actually form to take back freedom? Id say white man is so demoralised that it may never happen. However there are millions of guys out there and some girls that do demonstrate consummate awareness of the truth. They are fully awake, yet belong to no discernible groups, but they have a culture world wide so theres that.

Finally: Note how the crowds are not organic at all. Theres no naturally formed crowds comprised of curious onlookers, opportunistic participants and dedicated protesters. All there is is a very small number of “Nazis” – they have no actual crowd with them, Id say no one actually knew this would take place, precisely because its a controlled event. By contrast if this were an organic movement the “Nazi” crowd would be in the hundreds of thousands; not 8 paid shills and useful idiots in black balaclavas. Same for the Commie side there: They have no curious participants, they are a dedicated shill group bused in to do the theater. And you watch, this one event will get nation-wide TV coverage and will also immediately precipitate the tabling of new laws which aim to “fight hate” (translate: Kill Whitey).

Controlled opposition In Washington DC & Melbourne Australia

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