Henry Ford

He didnt invent the motor car. He is famous for the efficient production line assembly method, which made motor cars less expensive to buy and this meant average man could afford a car.

Henry Ford’s big car was the “Model A”, it came in any colour you liked as long as it was black.

Lets look at some curious mystical word meanings, etimology type stuff and general all round coincidences to do with Ford and his car factories.

Henry Ford’s car was affordable. The average man could afford it. He could afford a ford. Afford a Ford….. AFord A Ford. The FOrd was A Ford Able. Curious No?

AND the first Ford was the….Model A, A for afford. You could A Ford A Model A Ford….It was A FORD ABLE.

Is it a meaningless coincidence? No.

Henry Ford was A Freemason leading America in technology. The last few hundred years have been characterised by a massive well supported industrial effort, a drive to develop technology and things like the motor car enable synergistic furtherance of that aim. The car being technology in its own right ofcourse, but it enables so much more.

There cannot be a mark of the beast without technology. And for the last 400 years the big effort was to spare no expense in developing technology.

So Henry Ford was known for publishing the Dearborne Independent – a newspaper that focused on describing the Jews.

It is said that the Freemasons ultimately work for the Jews. If this is so; then curiously we have a seeming contradiction in Henry Ford, who exposes them to public spotlight in his news paper.

What is going on here? We will likely never fully know, however these word coincidences are rife in topics such as Henry Ford and just about any other big mover and shaker of history. One example is Elon Musk is building space rockets to go to Mars, and in the 40s and 50s Werner Von Braun inventor of the V2 rocket in Nazi Germany, was now working for NASA in the United States. Von Braun wrote a book or something where the main character “Elon” pilots a space rocket to mars. Another example, in the early 1900s or late 1800s a book was written about Barron Trump who time travels, the book contains an illustration, that is of a boy that looks suspiciously like Trump’s son Barron Trump. SOMETHING is going on with these things, in the fabric of reality some rhyme is written that weaves in and out of time reality and existance, where things are often strangely called what they are, as per the Ford example and many many other such coincidences.

Henry Ford

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