CoalFax – It needs to come back

So as legend has it CoalFax website was up for like 12 hours in 2020 and it got shutdown HARD and scrubbed from the entire internet. It had strong enthusiastic support and many wanted to see it succeed. It was a database of coalburners. The fact that it was so rapidly and urgently censored, deplatformed deleted and all subsequent domains destroyed as well….. Shows us that CoalFax hit a nerve of the NWO and exposed their vulnerability. They the NWO want to show porn websites llike “Blacked” all day long, but they panic when its antithesis arrives. CoalFax was/remains a very important idea.

I recommend CoalFax be resurrected as soon as possible. Below is some of the detail of this amazing concept and what happened:


@coalfax “The flak only gets heavy when you’re over the target”

I understand that the amount of heat you received in 10 days was brutal and quite frankly scary, but please understand, your site has unintentionally exposed a critical weakness in the [[[Elite’s]]] social control. The Coalfax experiment unintentionally proved that White women who burn coal do it for social status points and a narcissistic need to “get back” at their father. Now women will be presented with the threat of a permanent record of their shame and the possibility of being forever barred from any fulfilling relationship with a high value man (i.e. Chad). The coalburners / degenerates will rage against it, and the women who have not burned coal will think twice about doing so, because as we all know, THE_INTERNET_IS_FOREVER.jpeg

I don’t blame you for being in it for the keks, that’s what makes it all worth it at the end of the day. I do hope that you continue with this project, as I see it becoming a massive success, as the demand for a reliable coalburner registry is just too damn high. God bless and good luck with your future endeavors.”

The “Pureblood” Nativist@The_Natavists·

Other conversations I found. All search engines are censoring Coalfax except Yandex. I suggest you use that engine if you want accurate searches from now on. There is one annoying captcha but after that you won’t have to do it again. It’s pretty based. Like Google was 10 to 15 years ago.


CoalFax – /coalfax/

The Coalburner Registry9chan.twLink Feed

Burn the coal

Toll paid.

CoalFax – It needs to come back

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