Youtubers with health problems post corona era 21-22

Im not gonna make an exhaustive list, its too much since I have too much on my plate these days, but heres one:

First of all, I not a tweet yesterday said some pharmacy in USA has started stocking dildos next to kids toys. (I didnt know pharmacies stocked sex toys to begin with lol) And also yesterday Karuna Satory released a YT vid with paid promotion of didos in it. (Im not morally judging her here). Point is it seems we are at a new level of Weimar as of yesterday, signified by the mainstreaming of dildos in pharmacies and on Youtube. Its oronic that Im shaddowbanned and my channel has two strikes and stalled out subscriber growth at 16.2k subs; while Karuna Satori has 1.2 million subs and has an Only Fans and does paid promotion of dildos and her last vid has 20k views. These days Im lucky if I get 500 views on a video. Karuna is beautiful, smart *and* degenerate. This is the formula that Youtube wants to promote the most. Personally I like Karuna Satori, shes one of the most beautiful women and good asmr. Im just highlighting the general Youtube atmosphere that im seeing today.

And that brings me to my analysis of this video below. So as far as Im aware shes vaxmaxed, and clearly trusts doctors and the medical establishment, possibly she even looks up to medical staff and their procedures and methods.

So her mum died during this Corona scamdemic period, I think her vid relates to 2021-2022 from perspective of May 17th 2023.

She has now lots of health problems and an incidental discovery of carcinoma on her thyroid was discovered. She is very successful, with 1.2 million subs on Youtube. She sould be very happy in life. Yet she is beset with worries, surrounded by sickness, dying parent, drug addicted brother. I dont know how much of this is her usual modo operandi and how much is specific to the Corona scamdemic period, but its a fact her mum passed and she herself got a cancer diagnosis after they took jabs.


He does gun reviews, not a bad channel. Apparently he dissapeared for a while and he’s came back with this explanation video below. Turns out post lockdowns this guys health got wrecked by some strange things that needed emergency surgery. Seems to be healed and ok for now.

Was this a jab injury? Yes, I think so.

Youtubers with health problems post corona era 21-22

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