Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job

This was a false flag forerunner to the 9/11 2001 false flag. This 1990’s false flag demonised William Luther Pierce, the National Alliance, white nationalist and white men in general. Further, as stated the described truck bomb was factually incapable of damaging the target building to that extent. What we see is the same curious controlled demolition technology that afflicted all the buildings on 9/11, especially such as building 7 which fell down by itself, without being struck by any plane, missile or otherwise.

Oklahoma City Bombing was a clear false flag orchestrated significantly theatrical event. Now that we know about false flags and also shill false movements political parties and organisations, it is time for people everywhere to form formal organisations which focus on resisting the law-passing agenda that these false flag events are intended to facilitate. We need people in parliaments speaking to politicians and telling then No! Not one more anti white law will you pass, no matter the excuse upon which you base it!

Oklahoma City bombing was an inside job

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