There is a war on humanity now being waged on you and me and everyone else. The goal is to wipe out white people, and then everybody else. It is a kind of war which some people call “Fifth generational warfare”. It doesnt rely on traditional means of warfare (bullets guns bombs), although traditional warfare is included sometimes. This new warfare is mostly carried out in peace time, and in civilian areas. It involves wizardry, trickery and curiously it involves consent of the victims. It truly is a war for the mind, if you like you could say the battlefield of the 21st century is the human mind.

Another aspect of this war is that it is “full spectrum dominance”, so that means its not just one source of aggression against you the target, its all encompassing and overwhelming – example you are *born* into it. And so was your grandparents without knowing it. You grew up in it thinking it was is normal, because its the only thing youve ever known. But its artificial culture designed to harm you and you never grasped this fact, but perhaps perceived it subconsciously, but never put the thought into words.

For example, look around the room, theres a plastic kettle and a plastic table and nylon clothing and so on, everything is plastic you wear it; you eat out of it. Much of this plastic specifically was chosen because it contains chemicals that disrupt the human endocrine system and lead to things like increased estrogen, decreased sperm count and decreased testosterone. And malfunctions of fetuses in the womb ie malformation or mal-diferentiation of sex in the womb.

And thats just the plastic you wear and use daily, for your many decades of life you are rubbing up against this estrogenic plastic. Look at the birth rate, it is practically non existant these days.

Youll note the news media and government all act like this birthrate emergency is no problem at all. They know it is, but they gaslight you and pretend everything is just fine, when its not, its a fucking disaster.

Because this is an information war for the awareness and consent of the public, 1 % evil tries to destroy the rest, 5% awake (like me) tries to warn the other 94% of people and get them educated enough to wake up and not give consent to things that harm their interests. Hopefully there will be a cascading effect of awakening like dominos.

This assault on humanity is very powerful because its backed up by all the money printing in the World and it relies on trickery, slight of hand, smoke and mirrors, hiding in the shadows, and so forth. But when the spotlight of truth is shined on these goblin techniques, their power evaporates.

This is a time of liars and lies, of deception and untruth. And it has NEVER been more important to speak the truth loudly than it is now today.

You are fighting ideas and concepts in peoples minds by mass media and uneducation in schools and universities. What people think matters, because as goes the mind so goes reality.

We are finding out more and more, just how tricky our opponent has been. The wizard hides in plain sight, wears a doctors white lab coat or is a pop star making video clips on youtube or tv. The wizard and the spells are akin to how a soldier in a jungle wears a camouflage uniform to blend into the trees and shrubs background. Everything that harms you is right under your nose yet you dont see it unless youve had education on the matter. The tap water for example contains bone cancer-causing, IQ diminishing fluoride. Fluoride is said to negatively affect cognitive function and to passify people. One drug I think its “Valium” is by its chemical name actually fluoxitine – its fluoride.

All in all this war is so stealthily hidden that most cant bring themselves to believe that it is so. Yet when they suffer negative effects from the war on them, they can join the dots an connect the 5th generational warfare assaults on them, to their negative life outcomes.

There is also the psychological limitation that most people suffer under, which prevents them from waking up. Most people are operating day to day under several heavy layers of mind control, and from which they will seldom break free. What causes awakening then?

I believe it could be a kind of spiritual IQ. We well know that the New World Order has standardised testing to determine from a young age, what kind of usefulness an individual can be to the NWO system. This is in form of intelligence, aptitude testing. This measures pattern recognition and problem solving against a stop watch. The average person has an IQ of 100. 140 is said to be very gifted, and the start of genius for example. Less than 100 is below average. I believe militarys will not admit a recruit with an IQ below a certain level, say 70 or 80 or something.

My IQ is only 95. Yet all this 5th generational warfare – I can see it clearly. So I posit that theres a different kind of IQ that the NWO supresses and does NOT test for or reward monetarily and that is spiritual IQ, or spiritual sight, can you see whats going on, can you *see*?…

The NWO has no use for those with good spiritual IQ, and indeed regards them as a threat to its continued success.

This spiritual sight IQ, where does it come from? I dont actually know. I thought everyone was like me, until after a few rude awakenings I realised some few people were like me – maybe as many as 30% of the population, but the rest could not match our awareness of things. And this is really interesting, Ive done MENSA IQ tests and Ive been staring at a pattern trying to see the pattern and I know its in there but I cannot see it, I just cannot see it, yet somebody with a higher IQ would see the pattern instantaneously. This is IQ. And IQ by the way is not in competition with spiritual IQ. But spiritual IQ is in people from all walks of like, both high average and low IQ can have spiritual IQ. Its the ability to see the truth, not so much in the pattern recog-IQ sense, but in other ways, such as

“Hey Im not taking that vaccine they are pushing so hard on TV, it sounds dodgy.”

So I thought everyone had this kind of common sense, but it turns out relatively few people do! I still cant quite believe it actually. I kept saying to myself – How could people be so dumb?!

And same goes for a myriad of other issues too. Like in “Idiocracy”, just being average, suddenly made the protagonist a super genius by comparison to the inhabitants of future society, who were so dumbed down as a result of 5th gen warfare.

But yes where does this talent come from?, or this ability to learn and grow and awaken. Must be a mystery, but generally as I said it seems 30% of people have the potential to wake up, the other 70% are like herd-animals, like sheep who feel safe in consensus, safe in the herd. Baaaaaaaaa.

But because the wizards of 5th gen warfare fully know human psychology, they know how to manipulate the herd. And thus, the herd goes to the slaughter house periodically, all the while thinking it is nice and safe, protected by the wight of consensus.

What type would leave the herd? The one who sees. Thats who.

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