European Flags Are Sunsets (White Genocide Narrative Scripting & Predictive Programming)

All the European flags are sunsets. This doesnt bode well for European peoples.

roll the flags 90 degrees in some cases and they render a sunset.

As for european nations flags in the height of glory, I wonder what the flags all looked like? Probably like a picture of health and success. No one comes back from a bubonic plague, endless religious (christian) brothers wars and two World wars. And now the mud invasion. The worst part is the silence from just about everyone. Certainly those in even petty authority positions keep their mouths shut, as they worship power masochistically, while sadistically supressing those they have been given power over. The punishment flows downhill. How can we reverse this? How can we send the punishment back upstream? This problem solved, would mean the end of feminism – the key slavery system of the white man. Think about it – our very existence depends on it.

Dont let this be the sunset.

Flag of the Prussian kingdom for most of the 1800s
William II | emperor of Germany
The Imperial Standard of the Tsar (1700 – 1858)
czar alexander III
Lesser Coat of Arms of the Russian Empire
czar alexander III
Nickolas II & King George V – Cousins
King George V
King Leopold II
King Francis I Of France
The France flag.

How devoid of character the new modern flags. I swear the new flags are a scripted narrative component of white genocide. I could include every european flag and youd see its all sunset related, look at poland for example. Look at Spain too, and the rest.

By comparison the old flags are so splendid, as to herald the glory of those people and those times. Between the old and new flag styles: Theres just no comparison. Its like the difference between sophisticated pleasing classical music – like Massinet’s Meditation of Thais, compared to wiggers faux-chimping out to CardiB rapping about her cunt.

With flags like with everything, the older is the truer, the more authentic, the less corrupted, the more pure.

European Flags Are Sunsets (White Genocide Narrative Scripting & Predictive Programming)

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