The MANY MANY MANY Aliases of Arianne Scharfi

The MANY MANY MANY Aliases of Arianne Scharfi

The Aliases of Arianne Scharfi/Meow.Scharfi

  • Miss Simplicity (IL-2, Steam)
  • Gopro (YT)
  • Anonymous (My website)
  • Adriana Patzold (YT in my superchat livestream)
  • Shutz Angelchen (‘little guardian angel’ YT)

The Aliases of Krupinski/Krupnski

  • Stefan B (YT)

Why would one person need all these accounts and identities? Maybe because theyre evil?

Black History Month

Black History Month

For Black History Month I say CAN WE GET JUST 1 (ONE) WHITE MALE PILOT IN MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2020????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Also heres a compilation of Black History

Anyone especially men who stay silent in 2023 is a COWARD. Anyone who supports the anti-white genocidal communist NWO is a traitor to humanity. In my judgement: Whites who stay silent in face of white genocide are criminals. Every person in white nations deserves the right to Freedom Of Association. We can all agree on this and thus far because of your cowardice white man, you do not have even this basic fundamental human right. Demand Freedom Of Association and settle for nothing less.