Elon Musk: My Conclusion On This Particular Individual

Elon Musk: My Conclusion On This Particular Individual

So I listened to this video below. Musk is a shill going around selling bad ideas to the public.

con artist for the new world order

I cant stand the corrupt disgusting voice of this LIAR

Notice musk keeps saying nice things then slips in at the end “either we develop video games as real as real life, or we go extinct as a species”
That is a feindish lie. Must is a con artist liar of the same evil lying stuff as Barbara Lerner Spectre “europe needs to ge multicultural or it cannot survive”. These are shit head liars Musk should be exiled to madagascar at the VERY LEAST!

I get the feeling this con artist is selling virtual video game land as an alternative to actually being alive. ie we’re going to depopulate you in real life (kill) but dont worry, you can live on forever in the virtusl World. This is PURE EVIL. Musk: Not to be trusted.

Robert Downey Jr in “Iron Man” was predictive programming to smooth the way for Elin Musk to be regarded positively by the public

Fake giant dick and balls symbolism ‘space’ rockets, Tesla (stolen name) electric cars, BRAIN IMPLANTS…

German SG217 Radar Scope

German SG217 Radar Scope

This RADAR has a range of 5 kilometers and goes in a Ju88 night fighter. its circa 1944 and can be used in conjunction with a rear facing radar emisions detector and also a elfe auto fire system that fires the guns at a pre determined range.

The British radar electronics know how was ahead of the Germans at all times during the war. When the germans captured the latest British radar extracted from a Stirling bomber brought down during a night raid, they set about copying it. Particularly its new trchnology the magnatron tube that allowed production of very very very high frequency, low wavelength radio signals.

For some insufficiently explained reason, it took the Germans a whopping two years to produce their first operational copy of the new British radar. Thus Germany finished the war having only 25 units of the new radar in service.

Why did it take Germany so long to produce their version of the new radar? Afterall, all they had to do was replicate the captured device they extracted from the Stirling.


I suspect internal sabotage. We now know sabotage was very common in the OKW (german military high command), somehow being filled with officers who were fully treasonous to the german war effort.

For the germans, copying a British radar should have been very easy and should have taken 4 months to begin full production.