Volkslehrer Got Vanned

Volkslehrer Got Vanned

VOLKSLEHRER has disapeared, where is he, did he get v&? Last video is a Dresden memorial coverage and now gone. Last vid: February 13th, 2023.

what happened to you volkslehrer? No vid in 4 MONTHS. Hopefully all is well.

Ok so I did a search and looks like Volkslehrer has been vanned. Basically the system demonstrates here a selective enforcement of the mountains of new laws. They railroaded him. Do you think some Turk with a monobrow would be subjected to this fucking nit-picking?

“People’s teacher” accused of Corona emergency aid fraud
He agitated against the corona measures – and apparently applied for aid with false information: A former teacher in Berlin is accused of fraud. He has already been convicted of other crimes.
02/01/2023, 12:39 p.m

So typical: The one who speaks the truth gets slandered by the evil communist anti white system of Germany as a “liar”. Ie

Call the truth speaker a liar.

Let me put things as they are: You governments and you PRIVATE central banks, printed so much money in the 2020-2023 years, that noe inflation is somewhere between 7% (official stats) and more like 30%. Even at 7% you CUNTS have STOLEN several thousand dollars from me in unusually high INFLATION. Thats right govs and banks, you print the cash, you spend it how you like (giving it to Blackrock to buy EVERY HOUSE), your reckless money printing steals my purchasing power for real. Inflation robbery of my bank account by governments and private central banks. And these ‘authorities’ have the temerity to slander a man like Volkslehrer who tells the truth.

By the way, Is Volkslehrer a shill? I dont know, but I dont think so. He seems actually very milk toast; shills are usually easy to spot for being over the top.

A quick l ook at the wikipedia describes Volkslehrer as a “right wing extremist”. This is the point of view of evil. Evil always describes the good as evil. And evil always seeks power. Right now, the power, is in the hands of evil, and it speaks lies about good people day in day out. Actually the current government military, newsmedia, police and half the white population of Germany are actual Left wing Extremists, of the most evil stinking, ugly, putrid fiendish, lying scumbag, weak and cowardly, hypocritical anti-white, anti German, anti-nation traitorous kind. And thats a FACT. And dont anybody forget it.

“Nerling is a former elementary school teacher. In 2019, a court ruled that he had been rightfully dismissed from teaching in 2018 for improperly insulting and disparaging the state and constitution.”

Honestly this guy would be the ideal primary school teacher.

Germany the heart of Western Europe has been focused on by evil for special attention since at least 1914. It would have been a nice place in the late 1800s. There are many fuckheads in Germany today. People, either without a soul, or cowardly compliant and silent in the face of the agenda for total white destruction.

As it stands now Volkslehrer has been persecuted for speaking a mild European truth and meanwhile most Germans do need a good smack in the head, and the country is being INVADED by shitskins at the intent of the government and power structure there.

Even a huge percentage of the population there, while white, is not German, but from elsewhere, such as Eastern Europe. Then theres the shitskins; the bulbs, the turks, the niggers: The gypsies to no? And street shitting curry niggers, rice niggers and sand niggers. Merkel the former big boss of Germany (Herself a COMMUNIST since a youth) was seen forcibly grabbing a German flag out of a mans hand while they were together on stage for a photo op, and hiding the flag.

By the way did you realise German court system today does not include a panel of jurors!? No Jury. For example, from the Federal Court of Australia:

“A jury is an important part of the justice process. The role of the jury in both criminal and civil trials is to determine questions of fact and to apply the law, as stated by the judge, to those facts to reach a verdict. In criminal trials, the jury’s role is to determine guilt or otherwise.”

Yah: Germany has no Jury panel in their courts of law. This is because they are afraid the citizens would support the truth in situations JUST LIKE THIS.

“He was also asked to pay 3,000 euros to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation – a foundation that works against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.”

(Extortion by gangsters IMO)

Volkslehrer: Vanned.

#VOLKSLEHRER: Dresden Gedenken 2023 | DEMOBERICHT


Germany today is a nation of ninnies.

Death Ride Berlin 1943-1945: The West 2020- 2025.

Death Ride Berlin 1943-1945: The West 2020- 2025.

Ive often reflected just how bad and gruesome and unfortunate it would have been to be a German in the years 1943 to 1945.

It was described as a “death ride” ,

Today we are stuck in the same death ride in Western nations.

But its during “peace time” and is merged with Weimar era degeneracy.

5th gen warfare is in every way totally destroying our nations and our people.

This death ride is well planned out by our enemy ehich has super intelligence and for a long time planned and put in place every preparation for this kill off.

And it comes to light just how over trusting ignorant and dangerously naive the majority of white people actually are.

This is a death ride white genocide.