My Rig

Here you can see all my equipment

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rig upgrade: probably nsfw)

Update: Aug 2019 Here is a link to my Amazon Influencer store
Alienware Aurora

My monitor an Asus Swift PG279Q 165Hz refresh rate, 27 inch screen (measured digonally) NVIDIA G-Sync built in, really the best monitor for me.

I have two of these NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti

I recently added an Intel 500GB SSD – as often happens eventually – my storage space had run out and this was a good solution.

My joystick: A Logitech Extreme 3D PRO – Its probably not as good as a Thrustmaster, which Ive heard good things about, but this is the only joystick Ive used since for the last 3 years. Goes well.

Track IR 5 – Its very very good for flight sims, once you start using Track IR, you wonder how you got by without it.

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