Narcissism & Psychopathy

My experience and subsequent research into female narcissism, psychopathy and the Jezebel spirit. “We will know them by their fruits”.

Psychopathy – The Realm Of Spiritual Warfare

The Psychopath Hath Two Faces

When confronted with accusation of wrong doing the psychopath will not admit to the wrong doing. They will not acknowledge the accusation even exists. They will instead immediately throw some mud at their accuser. The psychopath solely attacks the credibility of their accuser. The accuser is often enough the victim.

The psychopath will also attempt behind the scenes moves to de-platform the accuser, so that they do not have a voice. Also the psychopath will conduct behind the scenes moves ‘Gay Ops’ to undermine the accusers reputation to authority.

The psychopath is always on the offensive, even if they haven’t been attacked they will attack, especially if they sense weakness, such as lowered or weak boundaries in their victim/target.

The attack often actually uses the power of authority to harm the target. The most efficient attack today, is to whisper in the ear of authority and say some bad things about the target. say a sob story where the psychopath is the upstanding regular individual who has been in some way the victim of the target.

Davros, Darvos both psychopathic

To the third party observer the psychopath and their target are indistinguishable, especially if the target has responded with ‘reactive abuse’.

Generally the psychopath prefers to operate in the shadows and with ‘plausible deniability’. The only time the target sees the effects of the psychopath’s actions is when some negative thing happens to the target, seemingly ‘out of the blue’.

Even caught red handed, the psychopath will not admit guilt.

jezebel false self
jezebel true self

If a person has a grievance with a psychopath, the failure of the psychopath to apologise may often lead to the person losing their temper or complaining about the psychopath in public. At this point the psychopath often themselves complain to authority about the person with the grievance and the psychopath plays the victim and shows the aggrieved person’s public displays of frustration and anger as proof of attack on the psychopath.

Often but not always psychopaths have soulless eyes. They can seem somehow black or empty, or sometimes like that of a shark. Other times sly like a lizard.

Psychopaths are focused on power. They hate truth and love power.

Psychopaths thrive in a heavily demoralised environment. Demoralised people will often show indifference to even the most obvious lies of the psychopath. Demoralised people will also often side with evil if they perceive evil as the winner or the power in a situation. Accordingly demoralised people, who now themselves disrespect the truth, will actually attack and denounce the one who calls out the psychopath. Even if the evidence presented of psychopathy is good and easy to comprehend, the demoralised people will ignore the truths and instead attack the truth teller. Demoralised people are symbiotic with psychopaths because they accept psychopaths in their midst. Demoralised people have ‘leaned helplessness’ and their core beliefs include believing that they cannot change anything in their situation or in the World by their will, actions or their voice. So demoralised people stay silent in the face of evil, especially when evil has power.

Psychopaths want popularity. They especially want connections and relationships to power structure inhabitants, such as any person with authority who is in the environment that the psychopath operates in.

Psychopaths have a ‘mask’ on their personality all the time, which they front to the public and to anyone in fact, such as family or work colleagues. The mask is usually one of great civility, warmth, approachable, friendliness, trustworthiness and so forth. The mask is FALSE. behind the mask is horror.

Jezebel – Unmasking the Demon Spirit

she wants to steal kill and destroy

There are different types of psychopath. One female psychopath is called ‘the Jezebel Spirit’. This is often a romance based psychopath. Jezebel makes use of all the attractive power of femininity, of being a woman. This is fertile ground for jezebel to trap and destroy a man.

Its worth noting that the Family Court system in Western Nations is also a Jezebel model, where many a man is destroyed as a matter of ‘policy’.

Jezebel will lead on a man with again plausibly deniable moves, all the while never formally speaking to him, thus sending a mixed message. When the man confronts Jezebel, she again ignores the accusation and instead immediately begins to throw mud at the man’s reputation. If the aggrieved man persists, he is then labelled a ‘creepy’ a ‘stalker’ a ‘schizzo’, ‘mental illness’ ‘bonkers’ , ‘loner’, ‘no friends’. And the female-centric law system is at the ready to agree with Jezebel and to harm the man at her insistence. Again like all psychopaths, Jezebel will never apologise for her wrong doing, instead conniving to attack the reputation of the man who accused her and to de-platform him as well so he has no voice all while she paints herself as the victim.

demonic blair witch hag – note the chicken feet

The Youtuber Arianne Scharfi has the Jezebel spirit. She has for years on end mimicked me and played mind games. In 2022 I confronted her and she ignored my questions completely and immediately threw mud at me, aggressively attacking my reputation and threatening denunciation to authority and de-platforming. Since then Jezebel Arianne Scharfi and psychopathic accomplice Youtuber Krupinski, have waged war on me, conducting a smear campaign on me and a long running de-platforming campaign.

So I have discovered a Jezebel AND a psychopath, in cahoots, manipulating and conniving for my destruction.

Arianne Scharfi with the mask off

Unfortunately I often unearth a psychopath by accident when I take issue with someone’s conduct, not realising they are evil and then get not an apology, but a smear campaign and a de-platforming campaign instead.

Jezebel in this way extracts maximum psychic energy supply, as she is like all psychopaths a psychic energy vampire, who ‘feeds’ on human misery. So the man can be destroyed, even killed by Jezebel, to say nothing of a broken heart. Today, the percentage of men in jail (or just plain killed) who are there in some way because of a women is astronomical, indicating the structural, legal evil of today’s society, in permissively enabling Jezebel to destroy men and wreak havoc.

Jezebel Narcissist As Romance Scammer

The energy basis of the scam is loneliness, the victims loneliness is the source of supply for the vampire.

looks like this
but is actually this

Romance scams are said to be the most common online scam to con duped people out of their money. A jezebel narcissist woman does the same con, but seeks ‘supply’, that is narcissistic supply, the psychic energy vampire feeds off of the duped victims negative emotions, confusion, sadness, frustration and the like. Jezebel is a romance con artist. But unlike romance con artists who just want the victims money, jezebel seeks the victims psychic energy supply until theyre sucked empty, then seeks to steal kill and DESTROY the victim. The energy basis of the scam is loneliness, the victims loneliness is the source of supply for the vampire. The jezebel knows how to tell if the victim is lonely, even if theyve never stated it. Loneliness is a rich source of supply for jezebel.

It seems that Jezebel cannot be bested in this currently maximally demoralised environment of today’s Western Nations, because the demoralised people will almost always side with Jezebel. I wish I knew a way to defeat Jezebel. Its fair to say that if the truth has no effect on authority holders, then the tactic of presenting authority with truth of Jezebel’s evil intent and games etc will not work. Authority sides with Jezebel, today;s authority structures are fundamentally psychopathic in design. I believe psychopaths will not harm another psychopath on behalf of a victim of a psychopath. Authority at best seems to take action against ‘disorderly’ behavior, such as a person shouting and swearing at another person, ie a reactionary victim of psychopathy swearing at a newly encountered psychopath who has morally outraged them.

Beowulf fought such monsters, today they are sitting next to you at work or at family gatherings.

Unfortunately, often the only way one can tell who is a psychopath, is when one has a ‘run-in’ with them, ie a conflict. Often this conflict comes about because of the aggrieved individual challenging and confronting the Jezebel/psychopath on their terrible behavior. The Jezebel ignores the accusation and begins throwing mud and so it starts. Again, the demoralised ‘community’ will ignore the accusations of the Jezebel’s wrong doing and side with her at the expense of the victim.

Psychopaths need to have a spotless public image. They need to be perceived as perfect. They conversely have an uncanny way of projecting a bad reputation onto someone else. Psychopaths do often ‘project’. This means they reject their personal evil characteristics and place those attributes onto another person. If you have ever been the victim of a projecting psychopath, you will eventually have the realisation that your good name has been smeared to all the people that matter to you. These people will thus regard you as a very bad person and also as a completely different person than you know yourself to be! Talk about crazy and crazy making. Indeed the psychopath has a kind of craziness. Psychopaths who are projecting onto a target, can often act ‘crazy-making’ towards the target. The target will feel like they are going crazy, because of the social and psychological affects of the psychopaths peculiar black magic-like behavior. Psychopaths have long been associated with demons and also with witches.

The Smear Campaign – Example

Its extremely telling and extremely interesting to behold just how psychopaths will craft their denunciation-to-authority attacks. Psychopaths can be seen to identify the attitudes and values of the prevailing power structure and its likes and dislikes and then to denounce the target for going against those likes, attitudes and values. For example, the psychopath Youtuber “Krupinski” recently denounced me to Youtube, Bitchute and every other website for “racism and homophobia”.

If this was 1917, psychopath Krupinski would be denouncing me to the Soviet secret police for being a “decadent Capitalist” or a “profiteer” or a “counter revolutionist” or a “Christian” or whatever. Krupinski has also variously described me to both ‘community’ members and authorities alike as a “Incel” and a “weirdo” “woman hater” “delusional” “anti vaxxer” “racist” “psychotic” “sad” and a “Schizzo”, “despicable racist homophobe” “inciting hatred” “He needs help” etc, after I criticised this psychopath. In short: If you criticise a psychopath: Prepare to be pre-emptively character assassinated. Psychopath Krupinski also denounced me to Patreon and I was banned from Patreon for “criticising a protected class”. (no doubt psychopath Krupinski is this “protected class”). Patreon themselves are a proven psychopathic organisation, running pornography but banning conservatives. I did not appeal the ban as I rather dislike Patreon. Patreon also recently LOST a class action law suit for persecuting conservative members, leading to big fines for Patreon. Patreon is now in bad standing and is postponing its attempt to list on the stock exchange indefinitely, due to its disgraceful reputation. Patreon you psychopaths, I tell you fuck around and you found out!

Psychopath Krupinski had combed through my website and my bitchute channel, looking for information to use as ammunition against me. psychopath Krupinski then takes my bitchute vids to secretive Discord groups and shows the vids of me to people in those Discords, aiming to get influential community members “friends of the community” to be against me, even though most have never even spoken with me ever. The secretive Discord groups are a way to intensify the mocking of the target with flying monkey type sycophantic gang members.

Brigading is where psychopaths like Krupinski gather their followers, their “yes men”, and deploy them to ‘brigade’ a Youtube channel by as a group denouncing the channel to Youtube moderators, and all making the same complaint about the target channel at once. You can already see what lovely kind hearted people psychopaths like Krupinski trully are.

For example in 2019 psychopath Krupinski denounced me to Youtube and got my channel banned from streaming my flight simulation video game Youtube streams, for a ten day period. This was an unprovoked attack on me and my channel.

Also projection is visible in denunciations to authority, for example psychopaths like their father the Devil are the original “haters”, they are truly full of hatred for the good the true and the beautiful. Ironically then, psychopaths will denounce their target as “spreading hate”. What a horrible person is, that the psychopath describes, but truth is the psychopath often describes themselves and projects their own true identity onto their target. In short: evil describes the good to the authority as evil. And evil knows the description so well.

If it were NSDAP controlled Germany psychopaths like Krupinski would be denouncing truth targets like me for things like “defeatism” (punishable by hanging), food hoarding (for having backyard chickens) or try to get one sent to the Eastern Front in Winter… You get the idea. To recap: The Psychopath is seen to denounce the target to authority in a way that shows the target has opposing values to the power structure.

The overall goal of denouncement to authority is to destroy the reputation or the physical well being of the target, mostly because the target criticised the psychopath. The psychopath’s intent is to therefor resurrect their own spotless public image, by the discrediting and or destruction of their accuser or critic.

The psychopath will strategically influence events to manufacture consensus, seeking to create the impression that “the whole community came together to reject/ban you”, (said to the target), this force multiplier effect can be devastating to the victim of the psychopath, because to them it seems they are an outcast and at the mercy of an irrational outrage mob. The double whammy is this community ostracization, synchronized with complaint to authority. Such 1,2 punch maneuvers can permanently break a victim such they never fully recover, and this is the handiwork of the Devils child, the psychopath. And this is why I believe psychopaths are wrecking the whole World and deserve to be scruitinised themselves.

the true ugliness of evil female

The reason why psychopaths so often use mental illness as the excuse used to denounce their victim, is because crazy people’s word is generally given scant regard, but also because the psychopath engages in ‘crazy-making’ behavior which can make the victim start to act crazy under such pressure and then others see this and get a false confirmation of the ‘crazy’ label. Thirdly, psychopaths are crazy and project their insanity onto their otherwise sane target. These are the reasons why psychopaths are so often opting to throw the crazy label at their victim.

The psychopath operates in a community and when isolating the target and condemning them, the psychopath manipulates to make the will of the psychopath also the will of the community. When the two are in accord, universal mockery and rejection of the victim ensue.

Psychopaths know that winning a power struggle or a conflict with a target/victim, means friends, powerful friends and popularity. They will use superficial charm and cultivate connections to the powerful friends.

Psychopaths always favour inversion. Inversion means to turn everything upside down. This includes homosexuality which is a favourite theme of psychopaths since it is inversion.

jezebel is a war spirit

What I have observed of both Scharfi and Krupinski is an inability to admit mistakes. Despite now massive evidence of Scharfi’s trolling me, they both double down and fully commit to the notion that they are ‘good people’. My experience of them is of constant lying both big and smaller petty lies, just constant lies. I have caught both in lies, they even lie when it is easy to prove the lie, they just constantly speak lies. They also lie about me, as I mentioned they constantly accuse me of mental illness and ‘incel’. Both Scharfi and Krupinski are literally in concpiracy at this point, since they jointly adopt a shared lie. The staggering dishonesty of Krupinski relates to his unwillingness to acknowledge Scharfi’s trolling of myself. You would think an honest man would admit his woman’s mistake and apologise for it. Yet this psychopath instead supports the gaslighting.

It does have to be emphasised that these narcissistic psychopaths have both NEVER denied her trolling of myself.

These psychopaths are adept at pointing out to authority, the victim’s reactive abuse of them. Even the victim complaining about the psychopath, can be ‘spun’ by the psychopath as ‘harrassment’ of the psychopath by the victim. This latent threat (of denunciation to authority) is designed to make the victim shut their mouth. To inhibit the victim from further seeking redress of the psychopaths activities.

Recently I discovered Scharfi was using a pseudonym sock account to make comments on my Youtube channel. (more unnecessary and sly activity from her. She is not banned on my channel yet never speaks to me directly) On two separate sock account posts she threatened to report me to ‘Aussie authorities’ for ‘harrassing a girl’. Krupinski also has a sock account which he posted to my Youtube channel: “See a therapist about your online activities”. It looks to me like both are gearing up for an escalation of their reputational attack on me. They are planning to, or have already denounced me to ‘Aussie authorities’.

One thing bodes well for me though, these psychopaths like to hide in the shaddows, never being seen, and attacking in a way that the public cannot easily connect back to them. However in an Australian Court of Law, accuser must show their face, must give their real name, must not lie, must have their words transcribed and put on internet searchable court database and generally must be seen by the public. Also in Australian courts the accused has the right to face their accuser. So far Scharfi and Krupinski consistently hide behind internet identities which obscure their real life actual identities. In court, they would be exposed, in the spotlight. Also their horrendous narcissistic evil manipulative, deceptive, dishonest lying ‘activities’ would be on display. My intuition tells me Krupinski is hiding a secret he doesnt want anyone to know. This secret would likely come out in any court battle. To say theres something off about this clown is an understatement.

Further it is obvious that Arianne Scharfi has lied on her pilot’s medical certificate. She clearly has masked autism, and claims to have a pilot’s licence. I have done plenty of these medicals and they involve questionsires about existing conditions and disorders – Everything from Aids to Zeka Virus. Autism must be declared. She didnt. It is extremely hazardous for an autist to fly a plane, because they can meltdown at any time. A melt down in the cockpit would result in a crash and could kill many innocent people on the ground. What a surprise that a narcissist would lie here there and everywhere.

It is my hearts desire to find ways to effectively combat and neutralise the negative and devastating effects of psychopaths on individuals and nations. Society needs some anti-psychopath antibodies. If you have any ideas let me know.

the true identity is craftilly concealed except from the expert evil hag identification professional

The MANY MANY MANY Aliases of Arianne Scharfi

Psychopaths will mask to the public, and an extention of this is the use of aliases. Particularly in the online environment, psychopaths will make use of ‘sock’ accounts, accounts with names that are not their true identity. They may make over time many such accounts for purpose of communication in nefarious ways.

The Aliases of Arianne Scharfi/Meow.Scharfi

The Aliases of Krupinski/Krupnski

Why would one person need all these accounts and identities? Maybe because theyre evil?

darkness ugliness falseness horror

Psychopathic Smear Campaign & Deplatforming Against Me By Youtuber’s Arianne Scharfi & Krupinski.

Im currently being attacked by two psychopaths who aim to smear my reputation and to de-platform me off the internet. I discuss their deceptive shadowy ways. Jezebel Arianne Scharfi in cahoots with psychopath Krupinski are currently running a smear campaign on me, for 5 months now, and manipulating to project their psychopathic characteristics on to me as their target. They also have contacted all platforms that Im on including youtube, bitchute patreon and all others, in an attempt to de-platform me, so as to remove my voice. These demons are incapable of admiting fault or apologising, instead they double down on the lie and commit to the smear and deplatform approach. Arianne Scharfi Dogwhistling Documentary (Actual Jezebel tactics on display):

What does female narcissism look like? It is on display here. When I made this documentary I kept an open mind, I concluded it was a mystery why she was doing this mimicking behaviour. Since then I have discovered Arianne Scharfi is a narcissist and is also Autism Spectrum Disorder with Traits of Schizoid Personality Disorder. This vid was deleted by YT at Scharfi’s insistence, on basis of “privacy”. Well all the info herein is publicly available and placed on the net by Scharfi herself. Scharfi makes online content, if she doesn’t want criticism she shouldn’t make online content. And for those of you who may be white knights and watch for 3.5 minutes and then down vote, well good riddance. Most people with average pattern recognition skills will need to watch the whole thing (65 minutes).

she is gollum with long hair

So when I made this documentary, I concluded with saying it was a mystery as to why she did this mimicking, gas lighting ‘dogwhistling’ as demonstrated in the documentary. Well that was last year and truly I had no idea why. I used the documentary simply as a means to capture most of the instances of dogwhistling, but at that time I was not able to draw any conclusions as to why she did this. Well now its just gone February 2023 and I have resoundingly come to a conclusion as to why, with further info came to light and upon further reflection. I definitevely conclude Arianne Scharfi is a narcissist, while also having high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, with traits of Schizoid Personality Disorder.

The narcissism is worrying because this is litoral evil. In Christians terms, a female narcissist is said to have the Jezebel spirit.

Arianne Scharfi Dog Whistling Documentary – Follow up 2

The dog whistling continues unabated and I am here to document it all.

The Jezebel Spirit

I definitevely conclude Arianne Scharfi is a narcissist, while also having high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder, with traits of Schizoid Personality Disorder.

maybe shes born with it maybe its maybeline: no its pure rotten stenching evil

Look at this trippy comment. Arianne Scharfi busted argumentatively claiming she is the only one to be permanently lifetime banned from a server. The truth is: She is responsible for my permanent lifetime ban from all IL-2 Great Battles multiplayer servers, while she enjoys full access to all the big servers and the forum. I think you are starting to see what I have known for years – she is quite ‘funny’ or to be blunt a deceptive liar, along with psychopathic Krupinski, who has also been caught out in multiple lies. You know last year, someone said to me, “They are narcissists Froggy”, And at the time I didnt believe it. But I have seen enough, this month after 1 year of reflection, I have concluded that Scharfi is an evil narcissist, to say nothing of her other severe disorders. The Jezebel Spirit is present in this proven liar. This is clearly narcissistic projection, where she claims victim status for the very thing she inflicted on (me) someone else.

Krupnski The Psychopath Strikes Again

Update 21 January 2023: This video just got restricted in Europe (I will of course appeal) for “Incitement to Hatred”, by Krupinski (Sometimes goes by “Krupnski”) and his bogus claims. This is a hilarious video making fun of Wiggers, Krupinski cannot handle any criticism as he is a psychopath moves as usual, to block free speech. I predict that by the end of the year this odious psychopath will possibly be famous for psychopathy.
Krupinski is not black and no blacks dislike this vid. He hates this vid because he’s a psychopath and psychopaths MUST have an unblemished public image.
What a clown.
By the way of all the controversial vids Ive done on this channel, none of them got restricted ever. This vid is rated PG by comparison and is run of the mill comedy, yet it triggered a narcissistic injury in a psychopath and suddenly Im evil. Truth is I’m good and psychopaths like ‘Krupinski’ are actual evil. Hey Krupnski, let me tell you you would not have any problems today if you knew how to tell the truth and if you had respect for honesty. However being a psychopath this is perhaps a challenge for you.
the vid (Sorry Eurobros ‘Krupnski’ doesnt want you seeing it), but you could use a VPN:

Update (January 26th):

behind some qt is an actual demonic swamp hag


The psychopath will look for offensive activity in the reaction of the victim to the psychopath’s abuse. The psychopath will then show this action to community and authority as evidence of ‘abuse’ by the victim on the psychopath. Because natural defense involves offensive action, the psychopath will ise this defense by the victim as false evidence of the victim ‘abusing’ the psychopath.

For example if and to the extent the victim fights back, psychopath used this to demonstrate offensive action on part of the victim, muddying the waters and making it less clear to the bystander who if snyone is actually the real victim.

I believe it is likely that the only way to defeat a psychopath is to commit to hard escalation in a scorched earth, total war, yet this is the very thing that psychopath uses to flip the perspective and to paint their aggressive offensive evil persona as the ‘real victim’.

But just look at nature: If a psychopathic child cuts off a cats tail, the cat will bite and scratch and hiss. The psychopath would glibly explain there torture of the cat as self defense “the monster cat attacked me, im lucky to be alive, it should be put down for community safety, its so dangerous JUST LOOK AT THESE INJURIES HOW IT BIT AND SCRATCHED ME IM ITS VICTIM”. And so it goes. The psychopath cries out in pain as it strikes you.

Most narcissistic abuse is low key, low profile, hidden from public, ‘plausible deniability’, gas lighted away as if it never happened. Narcs are innate demonic experts at this kind of activity. Thus when the target eventually confronts the narc, the target may often lose their temper in public and then be branded by the narcissist as being ‘crazy’ or delusional or what have you. Particularly the narc will always pass off the target’s reactive abuse as being the initial and only abuse, the narc thus painting themself as the ‘victim’ and paintingvthe actual victim as the ‘crazy delusional’ aggressor. A narc will NEVER acknowledge their abuse of the target.

February 19th 2023 – Two more Deplatforming and Censoring Attempts This Week

This week quite mysteriously my Bitchute account lost the ability to comment, reply to comments and to like on my and others videos. Also a anonymous person denounced my video on Youtube, claiming it should be removed on basis of personal information. This is a lie, as the video contains no personal information. Thirdly, I noticed that also my auto-upload to Rumble from Youtube feature stopped working this very same day, firstly on the two denounced videos, then on every subsequent video.

Miss Use (Abuse) Of A Rule

The very intent of the rule relating to removal of videos from Youtube on basis of personal information, the very intent relates to protecting really sensitive personal information from being displayed on the platform. For example, if someone discovered nudes of themselves on Youtube, they could ask the video be taken down, or if someone discovered their bank pin and account details on a video etc etc etc. This is common sense and straight forward. As usual psychopaths will lie and deceive and twist things around and utilise such a rule for their own purposes, namely for maintaining a spotless public persona free from blemish and for persecuting those who may have slighted them by legitimate criticism. Long story short Youtube didn’t believe the lies of these two goblins and the video remains on my channel and has not been deleted by Youtube.

For the first time in my life I write to Youtube about another Youtuber.

An email from Youtube. I never got this before!

Youtube writes to me in German language. How mysterious!

Google translate spills the beans. Its good news! Scharfi & Krupinski PROVEN liars once again! (For the Hundreth time by now)

A mysterious malfunction

My Bitchute account suffers a loss of ability to write replies to comments and to write comments or to like or down vote videos. At the same day, Scharfi shows up unexpectedly on my Youtube channel on the video documentary about her 3 years of dog whistling, gaslighting and mimicking me, she uses her main sock account ‘GoPro’ and writes a phrase ‘o0o0oo spiccyyy’ which when google searched brings first search result a song by Harry Styles about loneliness…..Just a few days before she had commented on a community post on my Youtube channel (where I proved she had lied) using the secondary sock account ‘Shutz Engelchen’ (‘Little angel’ in German language) And had started an argument with me where she claimed I ‘seem lonely’. Scharfi has a habbit of showing up right when a: complaint to authority censor and deplatform and video removal attack is in play. What a coincidence. By the way, previously Scharfi in multiplayer has accused me of being ‘a loner’. Now Schutz Angelchen AND GoPro show up to deliver the same message, the ‘accusation’ of loneliness…..(You will find that Jezebel narcs focus on the target and assess him for his loneliness, because that’s what Jezebel narcs feed on)

Jezebel demons have a sense of humor of the mocking jeering ironic kind. Thus demon jezebel narcissist Scharfi makes her sock account the opposite of what she really is, namely a little guardian angel. If you’re not by now getting an eerie sense of evil, you should be:

By the way another alias of Arianne Scharfi is called “Miss_Simplicity” Its extremely hilarious because if there is one individual on Earth who is simplistic in their ways, ie lacking complexity or confusion, it aint Scharfi. Scharfi is a demon infested schizoid neuro-A-typical who communicates via song lyrics echolalia and uses multiple sock accounts….Anything but simplicity. Top Kek.

Arianne Scharfi is more like this:

*Take note the strong attack language in the screenshot below is all lies, its all from the mouth of scharfi and this gives you a true taste of her real unrestrained personality – a complete liar inverter and slanderer. The person she describes and attributes to me is delusional crazy unpopular out of touch with community, widely rejected by unanimous agreement etc etc etc. Quite a few people are on my side, however for me: the truth is NOT a popularity contest.

Guys be advised none of this is based in reality, this rather is the spiteful wording produced by a jezebel demon. If you dont believe in demons, well scharfi is one so take a good look. The truth is Ive comprehensively defeated her and Krupinski in the online environment, at this point they are both known power-hungry liars and deceivers and regarded generally as dodgy individuals.

Dont be fooled, this is Scharfi writing these such condemning remarks NOT an impartial observer. Note also the fixation on my being lonely….

Side note on popularity: If you read the above you might be mistaken for thinking that I’m universally despised and rejected by the ‘community’. Keep in mind narcs lie. There’s a name for it, its called “Gaslighting”. Here is the real opinion of the community, you’ll see its diametrically opposite to what Scharfi in her little guardian angel sock account had to say. Behold:

Scharfi is known to communicate by song title and or lyrics, this is known as ‘echolalia’ (See scharfi dog whistling documentary).

Scharfi uses sock accounts to write on my channel, including use of Morse code!

But wait: What about Krupinski? Surely this psychopath has a sock account too, no? And you are quite right Krupinski does have a sock account it is called “Stefan B”. This is actually a name of a semi famous Youtube rapper called….Stefan B. More specifically Stefan B is a (Hungarian?) Euro-Wigger. Keep in mind I criticised wiggers in a video recently, which Krupinski took intense dislike of and suffered narcissistic injury by and correspondingly tried very hard to get deleted from both Youtube AND Bitchute, by his own admission by using (false) excuse “reported for homophobia and racism”. on Youtube and reported for “inciting Hatred” on Bitchute. (Both savage attacks FAILED lol as Krupinski’s lies were once again not believed by either platform) Long story short I criticised wiggers and Krupinski responds with yet another deplatform campaign AND creates a sock account based on a obscure Euro wigger rapper.

The real Stefan B has 41K subscribers, Congrats Stefan you are marginally more famous than me and you even now have a new fan who copies you. lol.

By comparison my Wigger video is even better in my humble opinion. Maybe I should get into the Wigger rapper space, I could be the next Vanilla Ice, Eminem or the legendary Snow.

Krupinski claims to hate rap and then proceeds to try (unsuccessfully) and get my rap parody video deleted…Also Krupinski’s OWN latest video contains a rap song…..This psychopath is caught out in YET ANOTHER LIE!

Long story short, white men who try to be black are ridiculous and shameful.

Krupinski utilises this new sock account ‘Stefan B’ to write on my channel accusing me of being crazy: “Classic Raaid moment” (Raid was a schizophrenic member of the IL-2 forum who was banned during Corona for pointing out some obvious truths about the medical tyranny he is a good guy and I dont appreciate Krupinski’s jokes at his expense) “See a therapist about your online activities” “Online activities” is official language leading me to believe Krupinski has or intends to denounce me to more officials and authorities. Well whoever this clown really is they have quite a few online activities themselves. You can see a strong theme in the utterances of Scharfi and Krupinski, of denouncing their critic (me) as being crazy. Psychopaths are incapable of self criticism, especially when it comes to their own evil ways, therefore anyone and everyone who calls them out on their bullshit is ‘crazy’.

“Certified” can also mean ‘confirmed crazy’, ‘Raaid’ was a Schizophrenic forum member, “lul” is a intentional misspell of ‘lol’ that Krupinski and Scharfi regularly utilise in multiplayer chat. This insensitive and unfunny ‘joke’ is also in another dimension disrespectful to my grandfather, who’s image featured in my community tab post that here that Krupinski is commenting on.

Krupinski has previously called myself ‘cringe’ on multiple occasions in il-2 multiplayer. Here ‘Stefan B’ also uses “cringe” the same terminology. Note the theme: accusation of being crazy is ever present in the wording by Krupinski. More intuitively I have more than once observed Krupinski make sudden abrupt exits (A personality trait), and here ‘Stefan B’ makes a sudden abrupt exit. Thirdly Krupinski suffered a narcissistic injury from watching my Wigger video, and Stefan B is the name of a Wigger. Use of the word ‘lul’, use of the name ‘Raaid’ narrows it down that this individual frequents the IL-2 forum. We have multiple identifying features over this waypoint and the deduced identity is confirmed.

A Word On Sock Accounts And Narcissists

If you are naive to the ways of evil, you might wonder with some incredulity why a person would ever use a false identity online. And there must be many reasons why (some legit) but I’m only focusing on the context of narcissism and psychopathy.

Firstly the short answer is evil and false identity are like water and wetness! They go hand in hand. Evil wears a ‘mask’ by default. What reasons does an online narcissist have for using multiple sock accounts to communicate with the target? Number one is that it comes naturally to a narcissist to mask their true identity. This is because the true identity is putrid and stench-laden and malevolent, and the narc knows that these characteristics are not accepted anywhere in society. The narcissist carefully studies good people and copies them. This ‘act’ then becomes the mask. There are very few times when narcissists and psychopaths will ‘drop the mask’. Secondly evil loves to have plausible deniability. A masked identity allows them to taunt the target with a degree of anonymity. Thirdly, if the target calls out the narc for their shoddy behaviour, the narc can and will relish in full public denunciation of the target as ‘crazy’ and since there is no direct link (to the public’s eye anyway) between the narc and their sock account, the narc may be able to convince onlookers that the target is crazy. The narc intentionally puts the target in position of looking ‘paranoid’ if the target calls out the narc. Side note: There seems to be some spiritual law that evil follows, observes and obeys, where it will seldom if ever outright deny the usage of false identity, rather evil simply doesnt answer the question. A strange refusal to lie, from one who lies as a matter of course in all other things. Yet even avoidance of a pertinent question is still a lie by omission. Finally since evil is dishonest and likes to lie: assuming a fake identity fits well with those criteria and enables a narcissist to say without saying to mock and taunt without mocking or taunting, to strike at the target from the shadows and the mists. Another reason is that narcissists like to ‘gas light’, where they deny something that you know happened and they do it with a straight face. Sometimes when a narc thinks they haven’t been discovered when communicating with their sock account, they will let the mask drop and be their true goblin selves and this affords a scientist such as myself to observe evil true identity say its true opinions and express itself unrestrained by the mask. In such instances, one can observe of the narc such characteristics as spite, inversion, projection, and a general raging hatred of the good the true and the beautiful. In my experience the way to confirm the identity of a sock account is to identify traits of thought and communication of the narc, in the text of the suspected sock account. For example as a pilot, when I’m flying over a waypoint, I dont go to the unnecessary trouble of landing at the waypoint and asking people there “Is this ‘Smith Town’?” Instead I observe Smith Town on the chart and note the features of the surrounding area, there might be a quarry open cut mine to the North and a funny shaped lake to the South and a big train yard to the West of the town and so on. In this way we have three or more points of reference and can acceptably confirm we’re over the waypoint. That is called dead-reckoning or deduced reckoning. Obvious right? Well the same principles are used to analyse the communication of a sock account. A narc will continually revisit themes in their expressed thought, a very common theme for example is a constant assertion that the target is crazy, with a fixation-like expounding on how the target is thus, listing all manner of possibilities and potentialities, that when one reads the narc’s words it becomes clear the narcissist is very familiar with the topic of insanity, in the same way Eskimos have 100 words for snow, the narcissist has an astounding in-depth knowledge of insanity, because they have it themselves, yet lacking introspection to their own nature, they project it onto their target. So one might find reoccurring themes in the narc’s communication themes, but also they commonly have words they use over and over again and often they will habitually miss spell a word, and sometimes on purpose. Hand writing analysis is a thing and it doesnt take an expert, more often than not if I give you the hand writing of your spouse or sibling – say a page worth, you will be able to intuitively identify the author, or make a very close guess, because you know them. Finally the narc studies their target, so one give away is a greater than average knowledge of the details of the target. If a random poster that you never saw before seems to know a lot about you (a bit like an obsessed fan), it could be the narc incognito. If a narcissist is communicating to you through a sock account, you will get some level of intuitive awareness of this, even if you haven’t put it into words. I say trust your gut instinct, it wont let you down.

Shape Shifting – The hidden identity

One day I discovered that even my own mother who is a narcissist, wrote a short fictional story book on shape shifting, around half a decade after I broke off contact from her (due to her relentless evil sabotaging ways). So there is a personal experience of narcissists and shape shifting. Out of the blue she wrote a shape shifting book, having never once in her life even mentioned the topic at all.

Initially, I noticed, despite quickly dismissing it, when making the Scharfi Documentary, that of the perhaps 15 pictures of her currently on the net: She looks different in every photo. Reviewing this data now, in the context of discovered narcissism, I regard this as possible shape shifting. Shape shifting is STRONGLY associated with demonology throughout history. At the time I thought wow I could break these 15 photos down into 3 groups of 5, and it would be as though there were 3 different individuals depicted. I considered that if I showed two shape shifted images to a novice and asked them: “Is this the same or a different person?” The novice may not be able to properly decide either way or may say they are different people. Marked differences not related to changes in fashion. Very eerie looking back. Similarly, before I banned Krupinski from commenting on my channel, I noted that he would rapidly shift stances, attitudes and values from comment to comment; at one comment attacking, spiteful, vindictive, but then solemn mature, serious and disappointment at my immature attitude in the next. A form of verbal text shape shifting, no solidity, no foundation, always shifting. Very curious. Mocking Spiteful, Then Solemn and Mature, Then Friendly and without a care in the World. All false personas of the demon within. The true identity is spiteful rage and inversion. I believe I have observed some attributes of evil here and in my capacity as a scientist, I record these observations for the good of humanity. Earlier I wrote about narcs using ‘sock accounts’ to communicate incognito on the internet. Well this fits *too perfectly* with the concept of demonic shape shifting. This is because both sock account and shape shifting concepts relate to the concept of a hidden identity.

Selling The Soul To The Devil To Play Better In Multiplayer Video Games?

I always admire talent and am not jealous or envious at all, not one bit. However not all talent is God given, so many stars have mentioned on camera that they sold their soul to the Devil and its obvious that these highly talented Hollywood stars some of them associate their fame and success with selling their soul. Scharfi and Krupinski are noteworthy minor stars in the flight sim World for their talent at flying and shooting. Yet my research has uncovered – quite unexpectedly, their demonic evil narcissistic and psychopathic true natures. Did these desperate schizoids sell their souls to the prince of darkness in exchange for improved multiplayer stats? Certainly God in Heaven would not award such talent to inherently evil and demonically infested individuals. I can only conclude their is a dark origin to this performance enhancement. If so that would be the equivalent of selling your vast lands and territories for a few beads and trinkets. Also if this is the case, sadly these two did not find fame and fortune from such a deal. Are you skeptical? Well be advised that even contemporary Youtubers admit to having sold their soul to the devil. For example, and I’m not dissing him in any way, but Youtuber Tucker Gott did in one video of his I watched, state that he will never crash his paramotor and die because he “Made a deal with the Devil.”! At least he got some fame out of it. lol. However Scharfi and Krupinski? All they have now is infamy. You know, regularly people would accuse these two of cheating. I never did, and I never thought so, I though that’s talent is all. Yet now, in light of new developments in narcissism and psychopathy, I think we could actually be looking at some form of cheating – not digital, not software, but rather spiritual. I am a scientist, I utilise a process of elimination. When all other possibilities are disproved, what remains must be.


I have comprehensively catalogued narcissistic, psychopathic, demonic attack tactics techniques, and strategies. I have substantially described the demonic personality. I am most pleased with my discoveries. I hope those of you with eyes to see, can make use of this knowledge of this uncovered realm. Let me tell you I paid a price and demons never stop warring against the good the true and the beautiful, so I will likely face future persecution.

The World is currently ruled by evil, this will only cease with your strenuous and enlightened effort. Jesus is not coming to save us. Look in the mirror, that is the saviour of the World, if you choose it so. And you WILL pay a price as all soldiers do in battle and this is a war, a spiritual war: whether you admit it or not. Its on you. I encourage you to take my example as inspiration and fight evil where you find it. Evil always starts the fight. Well we must not be passive in the face of evil’s militating advancements. You too can fight evil as I have and will continue to do. One fights evil with observation, identification, and rather than running away from unmasked evil, one stands their ground and calls evil out in public. Evil cannot win if it has no place to hide. Good luck and let’s take the World back.

March 2nd 2023 – One more Deplatforming and Censoring Attempt This Week

A Strike on Youtube yesterday. First ever strike on my 6 year channel’s history. 3 strikes and a channel is deleted by Youtube. The strike was under the excuse “medical Misinformation”. The punishment is no upload or stream or COMMENT for 7 days. As I mentioned earlier, I am currently also unable to comment reply to comments, delete comments and like or thumbs down comments on Bitchute. So the inability to comment is a common theme in these two developments. I’m not entirely pointing fingers for these, but it is worth noting Youtuber Krupinski had previously threatened to go around the internet trying to get me deplatformed and censored everywhere and since then suddenly all these deplatforming and censorship events. A week ago I had announced on my Youtube Community tab that Ill go to Avalon Airshow in a weeks time and Id get some footage for the channel, well now I cannot since Im banned for 7 days from uploading and streaming. I cant even notify my audience of this. Psychopaths and narcissists LOVE to find out what their target enjoys and then take it away from them. We can see this methodology in action right here.

I’m a heretic to the religion of fake virus and dodgy ‘mandatory’ injections.

Ann Barnhardt speaks the truth, narcissism = demonic = evil, these things are a real, and b, one and the same thing.

Schizoid Narcissist – The Pushmi-Pullyu – Needs People; Avoids People – Origins & Causes

I describe real example of methods of obtaining narcissistic supply employed by the most rare of narcissists the Schizoid Narcissist. In this video I am finally able to address and answer the mystery of why schizoid narcissists engage the supply target only with indirect communication. The answer relates to the conflicting inner World of the Schizoid Narcissist: They avoid people, but must somehow engage with people to obtain supply. Indirect communication is the method and utilises ‘dog whistling’, mimicking as a communication, and use of sock accounts to communicate under a false identity. This satisfies the Schizoid Narcissists need for obtaining supply from an anonymous source, or in this case from a real identity but through anonymous means. Schizoid Narcissists are completely fucked in the head and insane and owing to their sneakiness very hard for non experts to identify. At this stage I have become very knowledgeable on Schizoid Narcissists and compared to the average person I am expert in this field. I don’t imagine there is much more to know about this subject and so i will be moving on to other things. Evil must be crushed on Earth and the way to do it is to know it, since it hides so well. There are unlimited narcissists in the World today. There are a few other narcissists that I wouldn’t mind tackling. Although each battle takes its toll. I repeat: Evil cannot be defeated, if it’s nature is unknown. That’s why my work is so important to the fate of the Human Race, which is now on the verge of extinction. May the Race go on forever.

I discuss the conflicted inner World of the Schizoid Narcissist.