MIG 3 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)
Mig 3 PvP.

MIG 3 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)
Mig 3 in action pvp.

Battlefield V – 1 round of BFV.
1 round of BF V.

Forza Horizon 4 Audi Quatro
This is a Barn Find Its an Audi Quatro.

ME262 Vs P47D A20B Train, Truck. (IL-2 BOX)



MIG 3 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)
Today I flew the Mig 3 here is the second vid of around 5 vids of Mig 3 multiplayer.


MIG 3 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)

Mig 3 PvP.


ME262 Vs. Spitfire IX & A20B (IL-2 BOX)

This is a single player quick mission. Im flying a ME262 with R4M rockets. There is also a ‘contingent’ of two FW190A-8 in the area carrying Wgr.21 pods, but they never joined the fray.


Bf109F-4 Vs Factory (IL-2 BOM)

Flying the Bf109F-4 in a ground attack role. Fighters can take out artillery and AAA positions and some heavier targets like fuel dumps.


Bf109F-4 Vs Airfield – Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)

Airfield attack in Multiplayer, flying the Bf109F-4.


Bf109F-4 PvP Multiplayer – train attack – IL-2 BOS

The multiplayer IL-2 has two teams or sides and each side has several assets on the ground such as tanksm trucjs, airfields and trains and factories and artillery that the opposing side tries to destroy and vice versa. First team to destroy all the ground targets wins. So you have a combo of fighters and bombers – arguably bombers win the game faster since they directly reduce the number of remaining ground assets but also everyone takes fighters usually. Here is one such ground asset – a train.


Ju88 vs Bridge – 2nd attempt (IL-2 BOS)

Ju88 second attempt at the bridge, successful this time – keeping high speed in the escape was the key to survival I think.


Ju88 vs Bridge PvP Multiplayer (IL-2 BOS)

Today I flew the Ju88 twice. This is the first attempt. In the second attempt I did better because I approached from higher up and dived down and hit the bridge along its length and then zoomed away at speed. As you can see that didnt quite happen this time.


Battlefield V


Spitfire: Bridge attack quick mission (IL-2 Cliffs of Dover BLITZ)

This is the Bridge attack quick mission and flying the Spitfire. I included the entire Channel crossing returning to base.


Multiplayer PvP FW190A-5 (IL-2 Kuban)

Takeoff combat and landing. the Kuban map, flying theFW190A-5.

Bf109F-4 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)

Takeoff combat and landing in the Bf109F-4 on the BOS map.

Bf109F-4 & Bf110 massive Multiplayer dogfight (IL-2 BOS)

One thing Im am figuring out with PvP is how to know when to break off and head to base after a dogfight.

Bf109F-4 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)

More PvP action in the Bf109F-4.

Bf110 ground attack Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOS)

Bf110 ground attack: you gotta get in hit the target and then get back to base- thats the hard part.

Yak1b Series 127 Multiplayer PvP (IL-2 BOK)

Here is the Yak 1b Ser 127 in PvP on the Kuban map. water and oil radiators to 35% and throttle 100% and prop 80%. Seems to not overheat at these settings.

P47D vs ME262 & Bf109K-4 (IL-2 Great Battles)

Both the ME262 and Bf109K-4 are faster than the P47D so opportunities to strike were limited.

Two Eagles

Just tiny specks in the distance but still majestic. They are hovering around on thermal currents looking for something to eat. I wish I had a telescopic lens so I could capture these huge apex predators up close.

Forza Horizon 4 Barn Find TVR

Found a TVR

(IL-2 BOM) Yak1b Ser 127 PvP Multiplayer

This is my second day flying the Yak1b in multiplayer. This time in combat I increased prop RPM to 95%. I was able to turn tighter and to climb and hang on the propeller.


Can you Justify $6k spent on flight sims?

Yes. Totally. Flying is freedom. The astronomical cost of General Aviation (GA) flying is prohibitive to say the least. The BEST In Real Life (IRL) alternative is Sport Aviation – sometimes known as recreational aviation, also termed experimental aviation. But even they are very very costly. There is also the risk factor. Apparently statistically, GA light plane flying is the same risk as being a motorcycle rider. And GA is much safer than Sport Aviation. So you are left with expensive and risky Sport Aviation. Dont get me wrong as soon as I can afford it Ima be a Sport Aviator. Hopefully when that day comes I will not be so frail that I cant pass a basic medical. lol. But in the mean time what altrernatives are there? Flight sims. One more thing: I like old school fighter planes. They are the peak of human genius for flight of their eras. Whether it be World War One (WW1) or World War Two (WW2), these planes you can be sure, were THE BEST planes that man-kind could create at those times. They represent classic excellence. Compare them to light planes of today that one might fly if one started up IRL flying. Realistically, IRL flying would be done in planes weighing less than 700kg and having around 150 Horse Power (HP) and costing around $400 per hour to run. Contrast this with Warbirds, which had HUGE Horse Power WW1 around 180HP and WW2 we are talking 1000 to 2000HP! Even WW1 planes from 105 years ago had more punch than light planes of today.

How come you spent $6000 on video games?  Well from the perspective of an aspiring aviator, who appreciates the disparity in performance between old school Warbirds and present day light planes,  and seeing the costs involved in IRL flying, a choice can be rationalised either way. Theres no right or wrong answer bla bla bla, but what would you rather: Spend your $6000 and be up in the clouds duking it out in a warbird, or spend your $6000 and divide it into $400 per hour and the result is what 15 hours in the air. Such an expenditure for such a fleeting experience. Also if you want to build your own plane, even the basic 50HP two-stroke Rotax 503 aircraft engine (New) will set you back around $15000. If you want 80-100HP Four-Stroke proper engines like the Rotax 912 pay $50,000. If you want a GA engine like a Lycoming or a Continental then fork out $100,000-Plus. Just for the new engine. Is the cost picture starting to come into focus now? And for all that Brew-Haa-Haa you get not one tenth the power of a Rolls Royce Merlin or a Daimler-Benz DB605.

The graphics these days are photo-realistic and breathtaking. Further, I used to look at the Warbirds in my aircraft of WW2 books and so on and I would long to fly these planes, but I rationally knew they were long gone and Id never ever get the chance – the thought glimpsed was as quickly dismissed. Close as one can get IRL is visiting air museums and air shows and there sometimes one can even see the interior of the plane, how spacious was the cockpit? what did the instrument panel look like, wow 8 .303 machine guns! But its not like you could just find a Junkers Ju88 and go climbing around in the crew compartment admiring the World viewed through the unique angular glazed cockpit, or crawl back to the tail gunner’s seat in a B25 Mitchell. But you can in flight sims. Every nook and cranny is increasingly being modeled in high detail. If you want to fly in 1940 – 2019 is the year to do it. Even some planes I never expected to fly are available right now, such as the Bristol Blenheim, Petlyakov Pe-2 and Heinkel He111 and in the near future even more, such as the Dewoitine D.500, Hawker Tempest and Vickers Wellington. What are these planes? Even if you were a multi-millionaire you would be hard-pressed to be able to source and fly one of these planes. Sometimes it is impossible. In fact, these planes are so rare and so expensive, that even a wreck pulled out of the jungles of Siam or the peat bogs of the Pripet Marshes would fetch a million dollars in it’s recovered condition.


What do you need to get started and does it really cost that much? You need a PC – a “Rig” and it needs to be beefy. Theres no point trying to run a flight sim on a regular PC. Believe me Ive been there in my bad old days, but its no fun at all hoping to get even 20 frames per second (FPS) on moderate graphics settings. What you need is 60 to 200 FPS at the highest possible graphics settings. Rig performance is crucial. And thats partly why it costs what it costs. When I started back up with flight sims a few years back, I made a big mistake, I went and bought a brand new laptop after some research that seemed good enough. It had a NVIDIA GPU, a MX940. I thought that would do it. Turns out the prefix letters are extremely important. GTX yes, RTX yes, MX NO!!! That was an expensive mistake, the game ran, but not excitingly. I then ordered a Alienware Aurora from Dell and optioned it up until it was even more powerful than some base model Alienware Area 51’s!. I started off with 32GB RAM, an I7-6700 CPU and a NVIDIA GTX1080. And it was a great success and I never looked back! Since then I have further upgraded my Rig to replace the GTX1080 with two GTX1080Ti GPU’s. It was not entirely necessaryto upgrade, but I had come to respect the quality of the NVIDIA product and wanted more, so technically my Rig spend is probably higher than $6 K at this point. Actually if you want to get started you can get the rig I initially got three years ago, today its much cheaper, probably (Im guestimating) $2k for the Aurora and say another $1000 for games, flight controls – ie joystick and accessories such as Track IR. Even less costs if you go pre-owned, but then no warantee etc.

TLDR: Want to fly WW1 and WW2 Warbirds, get a good rig and a combat sim and you’re all set for the best of fun times.

Can you Justify $6k spent on flight sims?

More recent action

Driving a Shelby on the Lego circuit – Forza Horizon 4

Bf109F-2 PvP Online (IL-2 BOS)

Sound error going on for I dunno why. Online PvP battles in the Bf109F-2.

Me262 Online PvP (IL-2 BOX)

Yes there is a sound error. This is my first attempt at online 262 combat flying.


My Merch on Amazon.comWarbirds of WW2

Lego Land – Forza Horizon 4

Somehow the Lego pirate ship has found its way into Forza Horizon 4!

Battlefield V

Some Battlefield V action.

2003 Audi

FH 4 Barn Find Audi Quatro

FW190A-5 With MGFF (IL-2 BOS) Multiplayer PvP

3 PvP flights with the FW190A-5 with extra MGFF. On every flight I scored, yet also failed, except the last flight where the mission had 3 minutes left and it ended,

Takeoffs (IL-2 BOX)

FW190A-5 with MGFF – Multiplayer PVP – (IL-2 BOK)

Something like 400 rounds of 20mm MG151/20 Plus 200 rounds of MGFF 20mm, plus all the MG17 ammo. Plus the big radial engine. pretty fast but not sio great at turn fights – but still I do now get into very variable energy fights, especially if I have to throw off a pursuer.

FW190A-3 (IL-2 BOS) PvP Multiplayer

Some action in the FW190A-3.

IL-2 1946: battle of Midway – SBD Dauntless

Battle of Midway Dauntless Quick mission.

Bf109F-4 PvP Online Multiplayer (IL-2 BOS)

The sound is error. So I blasted the A20B, then when escaping towards the river I saw a IL-2 coming my way and I nosed up and blasted it…The IL-2 started firing into thin air and accidentally hit the Lagg that was chasing me haha. Then across the river it got messy but I did get a cannon hit on another fighter before my engine stopped.

Mustang & B17G Vs FW190D-9 & Bf109K-4 (DCS Normandy)

Mustang and B17G in DCS Normandy.

Bf109F-2 – PvP Online (IL-2 BOS)

This flight I did yesterday in the Bf109F-2. Track IR was not working normally with it so the flight wasnt very successful, none the less here is the dogfighting action. One time I had an opportunity to take out a LA5 head to head, but I held off because I couldnt see it properly and I couldnt figure out if it was a LA5 or a FW190.

Gruman F6F Hellcat carrier circuit (IL-2 1946)

Here is a takeoff and landing in an F6F.

Battlefield V – Scout mode

A very laggy session.

PvP Online battles: Bf109F-4 (IL-2 BOM)

Last two days I was not able to properly fly online because the TrackIR was malfunctioning. But today I discovered it was plane -specific to the one Id been flying lately – The Bf109F-2. If I switched plane to another model, the issue was not in other planes. So here is the F-4.Looks like I got a Pe2 and – before my engine konked out – damaged a LA5. PvP, when it is all working properly, is very exhilarating. theres nothing like the moment youve been flying for 10 minutes and then you spot a spec in the distance.

Night fighter: Beaufighter Vs Ju88 (IL-2 BLITZ)

This is a quick mission – its the Beaufighter as a night fighter hunting bombers over London during the blitz – at night. It would have been guided by the ground based radar systems and by the airborne radar onboard the Beaufighter, operated by the navigator. Also good old fashioned search lights. One thing in the game is I would like the AH to work, it must need un-gating or something. I dunno how to free it. Essential for this kind of flying.

Mustang & Flying Fortress (DCS)

Flying a P51D Mustang on a escort mission. The Flying Fortresses are taking on a Luftwaffe airbase in France.

Mig 3 Vs. JU88 (IL-2 BOS)

A boom and zoom situation on the Tank Crew map, flying the Mig 3, with rockets and 20mm cannon.

Bf109 Vs Blenheim (IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition)

This is quick mission 21 or 22 and its some Bf109’s and Bf110’s vs Blenheims, beaufighters and a few Spitfires.

Online PvP: Spitfire IX Vs two Bf110’s (IL-2 Kuban)

Probably the first ever vid Ive done of flying the Spitfire IX online PvP. The key to engine-start is to move the mixture rich and adjust the prop 100% – or at leas 85%. I dont yet know the manifold and Prop settings for continuous power, so even as I approached the fight I was only on 50% power.

Bf109F-2 Vs P39 Airacobra – PvP Online – (IL-2 BOS)

Online is completely different compared to Single player. An outnumbered P39 may seem an easier kill, but its not because online chaos reins and new enemy can swarm down from nowhere. A few seconds after this clip ends I actually got shot down. I can tell there are MANY lessons to learn to get expert at PvP. One lesson I learnt today is to go in hard and fast and get it done with urgency and preferably in one pass. That means approaching from afar with emergency power already on and using a lot of ammo early. In Single Player, you can take your time and usually you wont get attacked while you are attacking etc. But PvP, as soon as shooting starts, everyone for miles around sees it and swarms in because the tracer is super visible, where as planes not shooting that are distant are effectively invisible.

Bf109F-2 PvP Online Vs Mig 3, Train + more (IL-2 BOM)

I saved a Stuka from a Mig 3, then decided to use up my remaining ammo on the train and RTB, because I couldnt find any more action. Once I did the train, I got jumped heading West and basically made it across the line but not to an airfield. At emergency power I was faster than the pursuer, and I should have not throttled back too much and just kept the speed up for as long as possible.

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Battlefield V – PLANES

Flying the Bf109 & Spitfire in BF V. I had no success in shooting down the opponents, I think Im doin it wrong. lol. Because this is arcade, possibly there is no need to lead shoot so next ill try just painting the target and firing.

Spitfire Vb Versus Bf109F-2 (IL-2 Great battles)

The convergence is set to 100m so whatever happens to be exactly 100m in front of the Spitfire will be disintegrated, because it will be subjected to concentrated fire from 2 Hispano Suiza 20mm cannons and some other MGs probably 4 x .303
I need to upgrade my system sooner rather than later. I will need a i8 or i9 CPU and that will require a upgraded power supply and new compatible motherboard. You can support this channel through: Patreon, or Join the channel as a paying channel member here on YT. Or Amazon – by buying stuff through Amazon on my website, or purchase a t-shirt etc Merch from my Teespring store. Also if you are tech savvy through me some bitcoin Dogecoin etc.

Bf109F-2 Vs Spitfire vb (IL-2 Great Battles)

This and the next vid are will be a early WW2 era battle, I have removed the armored head rest so I can look behind and added the MG151/20 – a 20mm cannon to the nose. The next vid is the reverse- Vb Vs 109F-2. And the map? Its the Kuban map in Summer. The F-2 is looking very good – I reckon thats a 4K skin.

Battlefield V – Sniper

Battlefield V livestream Scout Mode.

Tank Crew Mission – Tiger – “Into The Breach Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.H1”

There are a few missions, this one and one for the KV1-S, which Ill try later. Basically there is a supply train on its way and your objective is to protect the train. There is an ambush in the old farm, then some IL-2’s fly in and attack the vehicle group and then another battle at another the train station and then a horde of tanks appear on the ridge. After that the train comes through.

Tank Crew Mission: “KV1-s Reunion”

The basic mission here for the KV-1s is to get across the river to the main group of tanks. You go towards the bridge, then the radio says change course because the bridge has incoming axis artillery fire. So you go downstream a few clicks to another bridge but it is defended. You blast through there and head for the main tan group. On the way some IL-2 ground attack planes fly in and take out the artillery that destroyed the bridge. Finally, since the last update there is a commands menu that you can bring up, but I dont know yet how to use it or if it even can be operated at this stage.

FW190 Vs Yaks (IL-2 BOS) ONLINE

Online PvP battles: IL-2 BOX

Some online battles from today.

Latest Alienware:


More recent action


P47D Vs ME262 Airfield (IL-2 BOS)

The trick to taking out ME262 jets with a P47 is to dive from high above build up speed and away you go. Then as long as you hit one of those engines, you’ll slow it down enough to catch up.


SE5a (Flying Circus)

SE5a on Tank Crew map, with the Spad versus Fokker DVII and Albatros DV


BEAUFIGHTER LONDON – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

Even though this vid is 5 minutes long it took me 3 hours to make! Please enjoy this sightseeing tour of 1940’s London, flying in the Bristol Beaufighter.


Tank Crew: Inside a Panzer tank

Heres a unedited vid of the interior of this light tank. It has 5 crew crammed into the small space.



TANK CREW: Battle tanks and a plane

A tank battle on the Tank Crew map with the updated damage graphics and tank interiors and an IL-2 43 thrown in.


Porsche Cayman 2015 Forza Horizon 4

I reckon I have pretty much mastered the art of cinematic Forza vids.


ME262 vs A20B (IL-2 BOS)

Schwalbe vs Havoc.


Albatros D.Va Vs SE5a – Flying Circus

If there was one plane I would be extra confident I could just jump in and fly it would be the Albatros, because it is very user-friendly to operate.


Spitfire vs He111 over London – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

A quick mission out of Blitz.


Pruning the tree

Eventually I will prevail over this giant. I am picking up a head of steam as I continue to prune the tree my modo operandi is improving making progress accelerate.


ME262 Vs P47D (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

ME262 dogfight versus two P47D.



Mustang Vs. FW190D-9 (Digital Combat Simulator World)

B17G and Mustang approach a Luftwaffe airfield as FW190D-9 takeoff. There is a lot of AAA on this airfield.


Ju88 Vs Docks (Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition)

I seldom fly this plane in CLOD, but here is a rare go at it and Im pretty unfamiliar with all the bells and whistles, I had some drama trying open the bay and also in aiming the sight.


Sopwith Camel Vs Me262 (IL-2 BOS)

Its a victory ill take that lol.


IL-2 vs Tanks (Tank Crew)

Here is the effect of the small armor piercing shaped-charges – each 2.5kg dropped in bulk on tanks.


ME262 Vs Spitfire IX (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

The 262 has a pretty defined performance envelope: Bleed off energy and it will take a long time to get it back, but dive too fast results in complete loss of elevator authority and not being able to pull up.


ME262 Vs. Yak 1b Series 127 (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Even though the jets produce a huge amount of power, in a turn fight, at full power and full control deflection, the nose sometimes wont lift. Head to head is ok, except collision risk and high closure speed gives slim window of opportunity – plus ammo is limited. Ideal use of the 262 I think (so far), is to boom and zoom on a target that is flying straight.


IL-2 Tank Crew: U2 Biplane Vs. Tanks and Flakvierling

Here is confirmation that the tanks will fire at the planes. I was waiting for my ai wingmen to get with the program and attack the tanks but they went for a fly over there. I reckon I could destroy a tank if I got a direct hit.


ME262 Vs Tanks & U-2 Biplanes on the Tank Crew Map (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

I experienced unusual big drops in frame rate, down to 7FPS sometimes, mostly in cockpit view, I was initially blaming the newness of the Tank Crew Prokhorovka map, however it occurred to me my 1TB HDD is almost full and has around 10GB space left – I make so many vids it fills up way too fast! (Be a channel member or Patreon and support my efforts) So it could be the disk is full causing the stutter. That said, this is a very beautiful “Deep fake” the jet heat blur the rain on the windshield, the pastural farmland scenery and the vehicles and planes and interactive houses – it is a great example of how good PC graphics are getting, since this is all latest tech stuff. Yes the map has some flicker bugs but as I say that aside its looking very spectacular in my opinion.


SE5a Vs Fokker DVII (Flying Circus)

These WW1 planes are the ultimate turn fighters, they have so much lift that you can pull back fully in a turn and rapidly and not stall out.



DCS: Mustang Vs Bf109K-4

Mustang Vs Bf109K-4. This is a English airfield, with some B17s on the taxiway.


Spitfire Vs Ju87 – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

One thing Id really like is the ability to pre-set the convergence, since by default in single player it seems to be set around 300m, whereas I want as short as possible – probably 80 m. Also, yes the audio is out of sync and I actually did this vid 5 times before it recorded without a visual technicolour issues. Its a bit hit and miss, but the graphics aside all that are still spectacular.


Spitfire IX vs. FW190A-3 on the Tank Crew map (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

The Spit IX now has 4K skins, one other plane newly 4k-skinned is the 109F (I think its the F), so Ill have to have a look at that too. 4K Spit looks even more awesome than before. As to flying I rarely went full power and tried to do some Judo moves and use the FW190A-3’s momentum against itself.


Spitfire IX Vs. ME262 and Ju88 (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

JU88 got my radiator otherwise I would have also taken out the 262.
Song: Decision


Spitfire Vb Vs FW190A3 & Ju87 (IL-2 BOS)

Spit Vb in action on the tank Crew map


Spitfire IX & P47D Vs. ME262 & FW190D-9 – IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte

On the Tank Crew map. Spitfire works best for me if I set the convergence to 100m and instead of chasing at full power, I mostly climb instead and then dive when in striking range. Some factors: Not much ammo, but its powerful ammo. Not as fast at full power as most opponents. Climbs well, turns VERY well. Bang sticks placed out across the wings so convergence is very important to be able to focus that fire power on a single point. Further, that way you can roll and still keep all barrels on target. Each polane basically has its own characteristics and you gotta fly them all differently, for example you wouldnt fly a Spit like a FW190 and vice versa.
Song: Decision


Spitfire Vs. Ju88 & Bf110 – IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

I was able to adjust the cpnvergence in loadout optioons before flight, in this quick mission. So I set the convergence to 100m. I took out two Ju88, with some spectacular results, but the Bf110’s were too fast and I couldnt catch them very well and then ran out of ammo.


ME262 Vs Spitfire IX (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Six ME262 Vs six Spitfire IX.


Spitfire Vb Vs FW190A-3 (IL-2 Bos)

This is 1 Spitfire Vb and one P40 Kittyhawk Vs quite a few FW190A-3.


Bf109F-4 & PzIII Online PvP (IL-2 BOS)

There is a problem with the sound, but apart from that this was pretty awesome fun, playing online. Flying the F-4 and driving a Panzer III.


With commentary: 1946 All the Allied planes (IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946)

Lets look at all the Allied planes in 1946. When I finished this list I realised I had only gone through the allied planes list and there is also the Axis list so we shall look at that in part two.


With Commentary: 1946 All the Axis planes (IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946)

So many planes in 1946, here are the Axis list from the Steam version, ie standard un-modded list of planes. There are mods that can make the planes list even more extensive and you can fly even the most obscure WW2 planes, but that is not covered here in this vid, this vid is limited to the default game.


I-16 Vs trucks, Hs129 & Bf110 (IL-2 Great Battles)

On the Tank Crew map.


Tanks Trucks & Artillery (IL-2 Great Battles)

All the tanks artillery and trucks to-date in IL-2 Great Battles.




IL-2 Cliffs of Dover 5.0 update news

Cliffs of Dover’s developer team – Team Fusion, have released two vids and some more detail on their upcoming Tobruk map and the Spitfire Vb with tropical intake filter.

And the Martlet which is basically a Gruman F4F – one of the cats was it a Hellcat or Wildcat? I think Wildcat. Its a navy fighter with distinctive shape and undercarriage which folds into the fuselage.

The development has spanned many years and last update seems to have been many months ago and it is very difficult from my perspective to estimate how far away a 5.0 release date is, or what the finished product will look like. Right now it is looking pretty good, comparable to something of a cross between Cliffs of Dover Blitz and the fully modded-up IL-2 1946. The vids below are a work in progress – not the final product.

To be sure the North Africa theatre of operations has many appealing things to it. Its kind of all the Battle of Britain planes and equipment – and characters, only they shifted the fight over to the Mediterannean, where hot dusty sandy deserts and palm trees and oasis are found. I think of that iconic colourised photo of a Bf109 formation flying over the desert and just how the camo of the plane blends perfectly with the backdrop.

And this was where Ace of all Aces Hans Joachim Marseilles met his fate – due to a fualty engine, rather than combat. Also the SAS cut its teeth in this region with the long range desert drives in jeeps to raid airfields.I wonder if that can somehow be in the game at some point.

All in all those vids show some progress and that the project is still in motion.

UPDATE: New video! I made this article yesterday and today here is another new video! The TF 5.0 updates are now flowing in. This is a very impressive vid because it shows an updated Beaufighter, a new Macchi Mc202 and some pretty good desert map scenery. Also I REALLY like the soundtrack song.



IL-2 Cliffs of Dover 5.0 update news

Looking at General Aviation (GA) flight sims

Recently, GA flight sims have caught my attention. Here are my findings:

Microsoft Flight Sim will release their newest offering sometime in 2020. It will likely be a kind of combination of Google Earth style satellite maps and 3d terrain coupled with aircraft.  I will get it when its out since it looks worthwhile, in comparison to the current MS flight sims which I have always regarded as unimpressive. (Except for MS Combat Flight sim which is awesome).

Currently the GA sim options look to be Prepare 3D, X-Plane 11, and MS Flight Sim 2010(?) (FSX)

Of those, Prepare3D looks legit – especially for practicing for real flying. Looks like there are various kind of modules for these sims that include real time weather, and a chase plane mod – I assume it allows more external views.

There are third-party module makers that make some GA planes like the Cessna 150 and 182 and Piper aircraft. Theres also some amazing looking old-school airliners like the Lockheed Constellation and the Boeing Stratocruiser. Also there are many map aerea modules like parts of USA or Germany etc and many airport modules. ORBX is a big name in these modules. It looks to be a hobby that can get pricey, I think people can rack up $800 on various sims and modules, although thats similar to combat sims.

In the vid below FSX has somehow been imported into Google Earth or vice versa. Pretty impressive. I imagine MS Flight Sim 2020 will be like this but much more polished.



Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – What about Combat Sim 2020?

My take on MS Flight Sim 2020 and reasons why MS Combat Flight Sim 2020 needs to happen.



Looking at General Aviation (GA) flight sims

Spitfire vs Bf109 – Digital Combat Simulator World

2 Spit 9 vs 2 Bf109K-4 on the DCS Normandy map


ME262 Landing under attack (IL-2 Great Battles)

Landing a ME262 fighter jet while airfield is being strafed by P47 Thunderbolts. The airfield is protected by Fw190D-9 and some anti-aircraft units. The airfield also gets unleashed on by the A20Bs that survive my R4M rockets.


BFV sniper scout mode

I’m trying to focus my time on the scout mode – which has all the sniper rifles – which I have neglected up til now, in favor of more close quarters modes – in order to get the Boys Anti-tank rifle, which apparently is awarded at a certain level – which I havent reached yet…In this whole process I have managed to get a better scope which makes the scout mode MUCH more effective. I did briefly pick up a discarded Boys Anti-tank rifle on the field and fired it a bit and it is pretty beefy.


BRISTOL BEAUFIGHTER (IL-2: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition)

This is one of the default missions out of Blitz its one of the ground attack ones, – Truck convoy I think. This all went better than expected and the only issue was I couldnt lower the flaps for landing. (Now I just remembered the button to lower in cliffs is V but I kept hitting F)


Mustang & B17G England airfield (DCS)

WARNING NO COMBAT: This is a test out of the England side of the Normandy map, also turned on smoke dust and fog.


ME262 airfield takeoff under attack from P47D & A20B (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Im getting the hang of how to fly this jet fighter – the trick is to preserve energy while slowing down enough to get the shot. Thats also important since ammo is limited and every shell counts, but also every shell can bring down a plane on its own.


FH4 Porsche Cayman 2015 live


ME262 engine fail (IL-2 Bodenplatte)

Here’s the infamous 262 engine issue.


ME262 Vs Warship (IL-2 Great Battles)

The AAA on the ship is usually deadly, but the 262 is so fast the ship barely has time to react. Still lost a main wheel fairing. The 262 is optioned up with armor plate behind the seat and in front, so its going to be a bit sluggish in comparison to its fighter configuration, but when attacking a warship, its a good idea to have some armor.



Mustang Vs Bf109K-4 (DCS)

2 P51D versus 2 Bf109K-4, quick mission on the Normandy map.



Hillman Imp – Cinematic race (Forza Horizon 4)

Here is a car with an aluminium engine stowed in the boot and some pretty good handeling for its category. This car was pretty straight forward to learn and the race is 1-take only, so I had literally not raced that circuit before or the car beyond the drive TO the race that you see in the vid.


Barn find Aston – Forza Horizon 4

Barn find of a Aston Martin, Im driving a Porsche Cayman 2015.


Porsche Cayman 2015 – Forza Horizon 4

Driving the newest addition to my Jay Lenoesque car collection the 2015 Porsche Cayman. Needless to say because its a Porsche – its really really good.