Top Speeds of WW1 biplanes in Flying Circus


Bristol F.2 Fighter

123 mph (198 km/h) at 5,000 ft (1,500 m)


Halberstadt CL.II

165 km/h



Pfalz D.III

165.0 km/h



Sopwith Dolphin

211 km/h



Fokker Dr.I

160 km/h



Sopwith Camel

113 mph (182 km/h)



Albatros D.V

186 km/h



Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5

138 mph (222 km/h)



Fokker D.VII

(D.VII with Mercedes D.III engine)

189 km/h




211 km/h (131 mph) at 1,000 m (3,300 ft)



Top Speeds of WW1 biplanes in Flying Circus

battle scenario

I made this battle scenario with the mission editor. It is a kind of prototype multiplayer map for planes and tanks. It is a concept of closer proximity airfields, targets and also tank spawns. The tanks fight under an umbrella of protective AAA.

It features four airfields, and two tank battles. The distance between the two outer airfields is around 90km. This distance is 11 minutes at 500KMH. Flying in from an outer airfield to the center of action is around 5 minutes and from an inner airfield you are talking 1 or 2 minutes. Same as usual destroy all your ground targets before the opposing side does and your side will win the map.planes and tanks

Achen to Asbach 90km

Achen to Asbach battle tanks

The two towns in the center of action have flak AAA and tanks. The focus is on closer proximity. The tanks would fight in the town and in the surrounding forest and farm lands.

There would be some ground targets added to the towns and the area of the four airfields.

battle scenario

Look at this old car restoration

The old cars are really beautiful. I want one!!

And this one:

And this one,. a 1929 Ford Roadster:

1926 Model T:

1914 Model T:

So I gather the model T was a quality product, at a good price. It was a basic car – not so different from today’s cars, all the required traits were there.

The design ethos was ruggedness, it was intended that you could use the car on the farm, driving around off-roads, in mud and dust, Winter snow and Summer heat and get good reliability in rough conditions. But you could also drive it to work in the big smoke too. It was made to work and to last and you could probably afford one, whereas before the Ford production line, a car was so expensive few could afford one.

1885 Benz:

1770 Cannon toting steam car!

Look at this old car restoration