PSE Nock On Embark compound bow

this bow in Australia is $1099, it has 30.5 inch draw length, 327 feet per second release velocity, 60 to 70 pound draw weight range, it is a pretty good hunting tool. The next model up at $1699 aud, is the bow that Joe Rogan uses for Elk hunts. The Rogan bow has 31.5 draw, and 80 pound max weight, 330 fps. It features some avantgarde tweaks and tech innovations such as a different arrow rest. The Embark is very similar but cost much less. This Nock On colab with PSE helps taller hunters because PSE’s entire line up is basically max 30 draw, which to me is cramped but 30.5 is close to perfect. 70 pounds is pretty macho, but to have the option to wind up to 80 is better. note: max velocity is achieved at max draw, so shorter archers will be shooting a bit slower. How poweful are bows compared to guns? Well a 9mm Luger round packs 350 foot pounds of energy, while a high end hunting compound can produce 140 foot pounds. bows will do up to 340 fps, a top cross bow can manage 420fps, while the 9mm flies along at 1246fps. 9mm Luger is a low power calibre compared to say .303 or Mauser rifle rounds, which produce an order of magnitude more stats than the 9mm. Bows therefor are very weak compared to even lower calibre pistol rounds. Also it takes much practice to become accurate with a bow. The advantage bows have over guns is they are not loud. Bows are pleasant to shoot and archery in a nice green field can be comparable to golf in many ways. A great importance to bow hunting, is accurate range estimate, because the trajectory is so curved, accurate ranging is essential for an accurate hit. One solution is to buy a range finder, or to set up a blind or tree stand and pace-out the range to various locations where the prey is expected to travel through. Bows are great for hunting, but success requires an experienced bow hunter, with much range accuracy and a large amount of actual hunting know-how. Bow hunting is way more difficult than gun hunting. The main purpose of hunting is to source quality meat for the dinner table. There is, in my opinion, a synergistic relationdhip between chest freezers and deer hunting, because a large animal like a deer or elk will harvest out to 6 months to a year of delicious steaks, which need to be prepared and put in the freezer. Butchering and cooking skills are also a necessity and take time to develop. Bows are a great asset for self sufficiency and a great fun sporting hobby too.

PSE Nock On Embark compound bow

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