Elecraft KX2 & KX3 HF tranceiver radios compared

These radios look really nice. thing is im after max transmit range since my part of the World is so vast, so the 10w – 15w power may be too low (i dunno im not an expert) but there are ‘base stations’ that have 100w power, bigger is better no?

range and ionasphere

Amazingly, the sun affects the range dramaticslly. there is an 11 year sun cycle and it energises the Earths ionosphere according to time in the cycle. it turns out the last cycle ended in 2019! that means we are heading into best ideal radio HF range conditions forecast for around 2023-2026. This means the best possible distances you can transmitt and receive are coming up in the next few years. apparently in the weaker parts of the sun 11 year cycle, using a HF radio can be frustrating. At their best HF radios can communicate across the entire World.

Elecraft KX2 & KX3 HF tranceiver radios compared

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