The Mandela Effect – Is It true/Real?

So I always thought is was bulshit. That was until two things occurred to me: I had heard via an Alex Jones episode – Alex Jones said Jessie Ventura died of heart attack in Mexico – yet later I found out he is still alive!

Secondly, I always thought that Mars was bigger than Earth and had stronger gravity. Turns out Mars is smaller than Earth, with less gravity.

I had heard years ago that white Canadian Rapper Snow had passed away from an OD. And then today I was researching rap songs by Snow for a video Im making with a Snow rap song overlayed with imagery of Fidel Castro and the Canadian Maple flag, to interpretively express the shit fight going on in Canada these last few months, and low and behold I see a two year old TV interview of an aged-looking rapper, Snow the man himself very much alive. A quick look at Wikipedia says hes 52 and is still alive.


Most plausible explanation is that I just miss heard or what have you, and I dont really follow the subjects or artists, celebs that Ive mentioned here – I was never into the planets, I was not a huge fan of Ventura, and I never went to a Snow concert live.

But still, its hard to get such things so wrong. I suspect the above three examples could be Mandela Effect.

It should also be pointed out that Mandela is very similar to Mandala. Mandela is a African Communist Terrorist, elevated to Pope-like status by the New World Order’s media propaganda machine, while a Mandala is a Buddhist Monk intricate symbolic pattern, made of coloured sand, used to induce a trance. Theres something odd about all this, because the Mandela Effect is a very trance-like (pseudo?) phenomenon.

Some say the switching on of CERN circa 2015 is responsible for the Mandela Effect.

The Mandela Effect – Is It true/Real?

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