Mouth Cancer Rates Hit Record High

Enjoy your throat deletion surgery and slow painful mute death you non monogamous cock suckers; I TRIED TO WARN YOU.

yeh i used to sell mercedes cars and two faggots bought a used c class and half a year later they were back in the dealership waiting for the service and I bumped into them and to my shock the older caucasian one showed his throat had a huge scar on it like a square shape 6 inch by 2-3 inch where theyd done some cancer surgery. he couldnt speak more than a whisper. the younger fag was an asian man. then the office lady later walked by and said to me “you know what thats from dont you?” lol.

Oh and also: CSL’s vaccine for cervical cancer (allegedly an anti-genital wart vax) was issues in the mid 2000s and should have wiped out genital warts thus wiping out genital wart caralysed cancers, including throat cancer caused by dick sucking and cunt eating. Yet that data sheet tells how mouth cancer rates at record high and also no one smokes anymore! Clearly the cervical cancer vax was bulshit! And it did sterilise a number of young women who took it and disabled and killed some too! The value of monogomous marriage is made so very clear by this wart-cancer massacre!

Also: The corona injections seem to have increased cancer numbers in the World population who took those jabs. The corona jabs must have also catalysed the genital wart cancers growing in people’s throats.

Further, lets not forget the actual genital cancers caused by genital warts. These too must be on the rise.

A 1920’s Nobel Prize was awarded because someone showed that some viruses can cause cancer. If a wart is a virus then there is your cancer wart connection.

Finallym, we know the New World Order WANTS many many people to die of cancer, even though they HAVE THE CURE, because the NWO has a long held depopulation agenda. Cancer is one of their best methods of depopulating the Western World. This is why the NWO encourages all manner of cancer causing behaviors from hair dye and skin cosmetics to promiscuous sex life. Yes the wages of sin ARE DEATH. I must add many innocent people who lived a good wholesome life also get cancer these days. Western civilisation is now stuck in a ‘kill box’ designed to put all of us at elevated risks of cancer. They want us all dead at 50 so we cant pass on the wisdom to the younger generations as well.

You just needed to get married young to avoid this little inconvenience

Mouth Cancer Rates Hit Record High

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