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appleboat those fags going to drug and rape you, the brass plate might be on other side of statue.

FF9K: WTF man? And no because i wouldnt accept anything they would offer, and i know karate and judo. plus their fag party ended 27th, today was 29th, all fags are back in gay town roller blading

appleboat going some and jump the fence! what is that tranny going to do?

FF9k: yeh tempting to jump the fence.


Unsubbed. Screw you and your ancestor prime minister. Over 200 years oppressing custodians now you wanna complain that your not getting a fair go. Suck it up butter cup. Your ancestors helped start this beauty everyone is not happy with. And now his political buddies no longer benificial to you. Grubs always crawling around after everything rots.

FF9K: @ manumanah you sound like a demon infested communist homosexual. You simply copied your talking point from someone in the US who said same trope about US white’s being genocided and comparing to red Indians genocide. Also abbos wernt custodians of anything you moron, they burnt and speared their way around Oz killing and eating as much as they could find, in between warring on each other and spearing and clubbing opposing tribes for access to finite hunting areas. You should move to Alice Springs and baske in the presence of your idols.


If they are the rules…A couple of things come to mind;
Judge not lest ye be judged,
If the Sins of the Father is valid then I hope you have no ancestral sin
(sins or iniquities of one generation that pass to another) to pass on
to your children.

If you choose those rules then when you are given what is currently being demanded for your people then we can all simply forget about you and let you all fend for yourselves?
I find it very hard to believe that anyone’s ancestors are free from any wrong doing. So, what sin did you proudly inherit?
FroggyFrog9000 owes no debt for what anyone else perceives as wrong doing from his ancestor(s), nor does anyone else…unless they choose to.

I suggest people choose their rules of combat carefully.

FF9K: @ Splatcatau yeh that manumanah character dislikes Sir John’s statue, he must be a commie or antifa. What a faggot lol. i doubt he was ever a subscriber of mine, ptobly found my channel only today.

Bill de mudd

you said the same thing on froggys YT channel
subs hasn’t gone down mr.fantasist
i’m sure you’ll be much missed

FF9K: yeh man exactly, I think manumanahh is a liar lol. was probly never a subscriber, seems goblin-like too.


If this is your G G Grandfather, you realize one of his daughters had a son who was a poofter right? LOL Archibald Clark Kerr was a raging boy rapist!

FF9K: You have rape on the brain…. Yeh well wikipedia says Kerr was a fruit, but I think that is massively overshadowed by the fact Kerr knew Stalin and Churchill!


What was your ancestors religious affiliation?

FF9K : I dunno but i guess Anglican, Church of England, but who knows: Apparently Sir John was fond of swearing a lot. lol.


thanks for showing us there Frog 🍻

FF9K: Thanks man.


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