Why I Dont Cover Some Subjects Very Much

I dont often cover topics like LGHDTV and also nigger violence. This is because these have a demoralising effect on the reader/listener. I veer more towards nice imagery, things that are not degenerate. If you cover every development of LGHDTV, or nigger violence then to some extent you become a free publicist of your opposition.

Niggers are the Orc attack army hord, used by the NWO to soften up (brutalise) white countries, positioning them for further, more comprehensive destruction, during this manufactured anti white revolution. The salient point is that niggers now can and do kill – murder whites without any response at all from police. The policec ARE fully controlled by NWO personel in executive positions, and today’s defacto policy is let the Orc Army rape pillage and plunder and to turn a blind eye to the most horrific nigger violence on whites. Smart phone cameras capture everything, yet cops do NOTHING. This is yet another example of anti-white policy in government of white nations.

Same with the Ukraine War. I dont like manufactured Brothers wars. The only winner is NWO.

Some of the footage is great war footage but its a demoralising topic

Why I Dont Cover Some Subjects Very Much

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